How To Play Monopoly Fortnite Board Game -

How To Play Monopoly Fortnite Board Game

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How To Play Monopoly Fortnite Board Game. Yes, it’s real!

Correction. If you place a wall, you can only place it where you have been on your die roll.


Quick note: When you start the game, everyone is going to place their characters anywhere on the board as opposed to” Go”. This will keep players from getting attacked early. #boardgame #ads #ads
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  1. Thanks we played like bots and we no no how to play gr8 explanation

  2. this canot be a real thing that is happening in the real world

  3. Thx so much for this video, i opened the box and was so overwhelmed that it wasnt like the original game.

  4. Now I can get that epic victory royal 😎😎

  5. Can someone post a picture of the instructions in English? I lost mine

  6. so people bought this??
    i get to know about it when i was searching for board games

  7. An early acces game gets a tie in movue mode a board game a cult following billions of dialers not to mention it is free and a bunch if players and a loyal fanbase as well as fan channels and famous people as fans so yeah

  8. Not sure you have the rules about the wall correct. I watched this for clarification, but I don’t think you can build the wall out in front of your piece after you’ve moved. I think you can only build between where you started and where you ended up on your turn.

  9. This isn't real, is it?
    Clicks video
    Oh shit… I like fortnite, but damn, this is not really cool. Monopoly is also one of my favorite board games.
    Looks closer at Board
    Ok, this is epic

  10. I got 10 things to say about this board game
    1. Why?
    2. Why?
    3. Why?
    4. Why?
    5. Why?
    6. Why?
    7. Why?
    8. Why?
    9. Why?
    10. Why?

  11. When u start the game how do u get the the cards

  12. Next monopoly game: Monopoly Battle Royale
    Required 100 players

  13. holadivinus roblox game builder and stop motion says:

    why the flip

  14. Thanks! But its hard for me because i now a little bit english and yeah …😥

  15. Trying to play with my son I don’t understand anything!! 😢😢😢

  16. This video convince me to buy this version tqvm

  17. Me: Mom, can we get Fortnite?
    Mom: But we have Fortnite at home
    Fortnite at Home:

  18. I Have a question if i have two legendary cards that shoot with 4 HP does that mean that I will shoot with 8 hp because i have two of them? Thx

  19. This is Disgustang. Where my Minecraft Monopoly peeps at?

  20. Dusty depot is the second worse. This is blasphemy 😡

  21. Thank you for helping me ho to play this I just got this game and I didn’t understand how to play but you helped me I liked your video

  22. This game has stands?!?

    Fuck kinda JoJo reference is this?

  23. Help! I am stuck on this Man's head!! says:

    Yo this is cancer yes but it sounds fun to play

  24. i personally don't really care for fortnite and never did but this is actually quite fun.

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