How To Play Monopoly - Full Tutorial -

How To Play Monopoly – Full Tutorial

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In this video we’re going to learn how to play Monopoly! If you have any comments or questions, please do not hesitate to post them in the YouTube comments below, ensuring you abide by our Code of Conduct: .

NOTE: If you roll doubles to get out of jail, after resolving the space you land on, you do not then get a bonus turn, like you normally do when rolling doubles.

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00:00 – Introduction
00:41 – Game Setup
01:46 – Game Play Overview
02:07 – Turn Overview
02:29 – Rolling Doubles
02:53 – Properties
03:31 – Buying Properties
04:10 – Property Auctions
04:52 – Paying Rent
05:31 – Charging Rent
06:04 – Buying Buildings
08:41 – Railroad Rent
09:08 – Utility Location Rent
09:22 – Tax Spaces
09:40 – Community Chest And Chance Spaces
09:55 – Get Out Of Jail Free Card
10:07 – Free Parking Space
10:14 – Go Space
10:38 – Jail Space
12:26 – Selling
14:18 – Mortgaging Properties
15:12 – Making Deals
16:00 – Going Bankrupt
16:43 – Ending Your Turn
16:55 – Declaring A Winner
17:22 – Conclusion

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  1. Question :

    When you land on "Go to Jail" space and you have a get out of jail card, do you still have to go to 'Jail/Just Visiting' space or can you stay on the "Go to Jail" space?

  2. Hi if u se the coment Hmm i suggest if u mk a vid on how to play pokemon

  3. How am I able to get the whole street ? Eg if other player 1 red and I got 2 how am I able to get that 1 red from another player ?

  4. Thank you for the tutorial me and my family have been playing the game wrong for the whole time 😊☺️

  5. Thanks, you helped me how to do auctions.

  6. I like this tutorial a lot it really set some rules and features that I didn't even know were in the game

  7. What if you own almost all of 1 street except for 1(which another player owns) will you still be able to buy houses?

  8. why would you want to mortgage your property?!

  9. Wow Rodney! I missed this April fools surprise. Great pandemic morale booster. You have INCREDIBLE patience with thoroughly explaining this archaic relic.

  10. When I play with others the game would continue for 3+ hours and we would just stop playing because its taking extremely long, I think the reason is we can mortgage and remove the mortgage of our ownings at any time and it would just create a loop of this happening, is there a way to shorten the game?

  11. What if I landed on one site and purchased it but then after I landed on it again what do I do

  12. Thank you for this. I only have one question. If i place my charachter on the place where is jail ( not on just visting card) and i have no rason to go to jail, can i continue?

  13. Hey, is it mandatory to buy property from a player? I had a debate about this with my brother. If I don’t want to do any trade with any other player, will it be valid?

  14. If one player buys properly with color red in a street , can other players buys the rest properties red colours? Or the player that bought the first red property will buy the rest red set properties.

  15. Just played the game not long ago and we were playing it WRONG! LMAO.

  16. When a player lands on one of the property can the owner buy a house and charge rent according to number of houses then and there?

  17. I am 15 years old and have never played this board game, I’m kind of dissapointed no one has ever introduced me to it since it seems that everyone has played it already.
    Can’t wait to learn ^_^

  18. Now we know you live in Canada with those bills

  19. THX allot! This video is the best tutorial for monopoly!

  20. Heyy what if a player ran out of money and can't pay his rent or something else…can he mortgage his property at that time itself or he should have done it earlier??

  21. Small error, the time window within which the deed holder has to collect rent is untill the player owing the rest has rolled the dice on their next turn to initiate the movement off the space from which the rent is being collected. This is a common misunderstanding and or house rule which makes the game unessarily harsh.

  22. What is the benefit of mortgaging a property and or why would I want to mortgage a property?

  23. Hi ! So i was playing and i had to give the rent to a player but i didn't have enough money but i had some proprties .can i sell them to the bank or i 'm out of the game!


  25. if i owned 1 property in a set can i purchased the other property without landing my token there? this question also goes if i owned all the properties in a set can i buy houses without landing my token on the specific property? thanks for your response.

  26. Does placing a house take the place of your turn?

  27. I have a question where can you see where you can buy houses

  28. What if the player roll the dice and it’s double, and lands on unowned property, chance or community chest – can the place buy the deed or open the chance/community chest card?

  29. Plz tell if one of the property of a colour set is with another player and we want it to make our houses (by having all properties of same colour code) so at what price will he give it to us and what if he doesn't agrees to give?

  30. Plz tell that if no one bids for a property neither we want to buy it what happens?
    U told it remains with the bank but like this no one will buy property.
    So plz tell!!

  31. Plz explain me more clearly that how can opponent buy our mortgaged property? Does he/she need to take our permission? And what is the process through which he buys it.

  32. Me realizing that my family has been lying to me this whole time in the game 😭😭
    Those bastards 🥴

  33. I never saw anyone in this entire world to give such a thorough explanation of Monoplane game rules. Such a patience you have man, I appreciate your work and bless. 🍀🙏

  34. I am new to this channel and this was the first video from it I watched. Why is everyone saying this is a joke for Aprils Fools? I found this video to be a perfect Monopoly explanation. Really loved it!

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