How to play Monopoly game deeply explained in Hindi/Urdu| Part 1 -

How to play Monopoly game deeply explained in Hindi/Urdu| Part 1

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The rest of the remaining rules will be explain in the next coming video so stay tuned
We have explained chance and community chest card in another video link is given below:-

it is the second part of this video in which we had shown the gameplay of monopoly:-


  1. Hi. Can you please show or share the detailes of the 'place purse' card. I don't have mine so I wanted to create one but I cannot find that in Google or somewhere else. Kindly share the detailes of rent, house cost, hotel cost mortgage value and other. Thank you..

  2. Wo hotel hain house nehi hain.pehle khud sikh

  3. Yaar main aapse yah puchna chahti thi ki yah Ham sare banduk mein divide karenge jitna apne paise bataen

  4. Color group ke baare me btaaye kis kis color ka kaun sa group hai for example green color ke 3 card hai baaki kaun sa group hoga green ke saath?

  5. Agar 2 players khel rahe hai aur agar ek property koi player nai kharid raha to dusra player bid karke kharid sakta hai ya bidding sirf 3 ya 4 players me hi ho sakti hai

  6. Money kitni hoti h is me total Matlab 100 ke kotne hote h 10 ke 5 ke sab number ke plz reply

  7. Pagal red hotel ha or green ya blue 🏠 house ha

  8. In chance , 1 card hota ha jo kejta ha 3 spaces move kro uska kya mtlb

  9. Dear, The red blocks are called hotels and green are houses

  10. i dont know how to play but i watch ur video i understand thank u

  11. Jab koi house nhi hota property par to bhi rent lete h kya dosre players se jab wo property Par stop hote h plz reply

  12. Agr hm 1 clr group ki sari property buy kren or un sb per 4 houses bna den or hm chahty ho kai hotel sirf 1 hi per property per bny to msla to ni haina yh zaroori to nahi haina kai 1 per hotel bnaya to us clr group ki sb property per hotel bnao ?

  13. If i have buy blue clour deed card and my partner have land on another blue clor street then he can buy or not????

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