How to play Monopoly Game of Thrones -

How to play Monopoly Game of Thrones

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Learn the rules to the board game Monopoly Game of Thrones quickly and concisely – This video has no distractions, just the rules. For a refresher of the original rules of Monopoly, check out this video:

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The rules are the same as regular monopoly except for these changes. Instead of money you have gold dragon coins and silver stag coins. The silver coins are worth 1 money each and the gold are worth 5. During setup, give each player 5 gold and 5 silver coins. The banker’s name is changed to the Master of coin and the banks money is called the “Royal treasury’s money”. Place the iron throne on top of the musical stand here, then put the shuffled chance cards in the throne. The player to have last watched an episode of game of thrones goes first, then play proceeds clockwise.

There are colored properties are called locations, railroads are called faiths, and utilities are called orders. When rolling for orders, pay half the amount rolled rounded up. When bidding on auctions the minimum price is 1 money. Houses and hotels are called Holdfasts and Castles. The auction price for the last holdfast or castle starts at 1 money and can increase in increments as little as 1. When you land on or pass go, collect 2 silver coins. The price for getting out of jail is 5 money.

The last player remaining after everyone else is bankrupt is the winner.


  1. Community chest:”I wanna join my brother, chance to become king chance's brother please?”Mr.monopoly:”you are too rich community chest. So you are not joining to create the movie!”Community chest:”well you are too rich mr meanie! Hmph! I don’t like you mr. Meanie!”Mr.monopoly:”well I don’t like you too!”

  2. The rules are the same as regular monopoly except for these changes:1. There is a button you can press to play the Game of Thrones theme song. This has no gameplay function.2. Getting out of jail costs 10x what it should for no reason.

  3. I just bought this for my roommate for Christmas and I can't wait for the group to have a game night to try this out

  4. Me after winning and all the other players having left the room:"Yes now the rains, weep o'er his hall. And not, a soul to hear."

  5. How did he keep a straight face when he said "The player to have last watched an episode of Game of Thrones goes first"?!?!A variant of this game I came up with:If you would be bankrupt, play the theme song and draw 2 chance cards. If you still can't pay off the debts, you lose.If it is your turn and you would have to draw a chance card, play the theme song and pawn the chance card off to someone else.

  6. Can't wait for someone to come up with a "Red Wedding" rule variant.

  7. Such a shame that there weren't really unique game mechanics

  8. fisrseuosouyf
    also what if every one is watching game of thrones while playing (who goes frist)


  9. I'm still waiting on my Uno: 50th anniversary vid and it's been idk how many months now

  10. What if you've never watched GoT would you go first or last 🤔

  11. imagine if theirs a way to hire warriors and eliminate other players. It would be more of a war at game night this way. not only you almost bankrupt your opponents but also destroy their kingdom as well.

  12. I really love you're video
    I will still support you

  13. I can imagine the end of every game will result in everyone being upset

  14. "The player to have last watched an episode of game of thrones goes first" lol

  15. I loved the subtle face when you said "the last player to watch an episode" lmao

  16. I love how he bother to explain those variants that are just artifical

  17. I love how the button that plays the main theme song has no use while playing the game. It's just… there…

  18. 1:29 Alternatively, The game ends when all of the locations are purchased, then each player gets one final turn. Remember to collect 2 silver coins at the end. Then the Master of Coin gives everyone the current rent price of the location that is listed on the card. Count up your cash, and the player who has the most money, wins.

  19. Wait! Is this a series of Monopoly’s Variations?

  20. I'd love if you did the actual game of thrones board game!

  21. The player who last watched game of thrones goes first, but then nobody watched the show..

  22. How to play Hua Rong Road
    Video Coming Soon!

    -Triple S Games

  23. What if none of us have watched game of thrones then who goes first?

  24. This is different than the monopoly my cousins has

  25. What happens after 3 turns in jail? Do you have to pay the 5?

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