How To Play Monopoly Gamer: Sonic The Hedgehog Board Game (Hasbro 2019) -

How To Play Monopoly Gamer: Sonic The Hedgehog Board Game (Hasbro 2019)

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Update: In the case of a tie, the person that has the master Emerald will win.

How To Play Monopoly Gamer Sonic The Hedgehog Board Game by Hasbro.

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  1. Shadow should be a piece and not a boss, Mephiles should take his place

  2. THANK YOU 100x for this video….you saved us. We had a blast playing today now that we know what we are doing thanks to you !🤣

  3. Great review as always! Watched 2 ads before your video played! 1 was Floor and Decor ad! At the end another Floor and Decor and an additional for Cadillac!

  4. Do the "Chaos Emeralds" as well Dr. Eggman/Robotnik's gem have a point value, or just their bosses? (The Emeralds are for rerolling only–which when the bosses get harder you might find could save your skin)

  5. Idk if you got the answer but do the super boost add an effect or change completely the boost?
    What I mean is for example knuckles' super boost and you roll it.
    Will the player that controls him have the super boost affect by itself or Super boost effect + normal effect?
    I'm gonna get this tomorrow and I am excited as a long time sonic fan.

  6. What gets me is unlike Mario and Mario Kart. Sonic doesn't release extra characters.

  7. i have a question about the rolling aspect. let’s say you’re sonic and you roll a 6, but you roll your booster ability and your ability is to double your roll. can you move 6 and do whatever task it is that you landed on (for example, you landed on the ring and you got to collect 5 rings from the bank) can you do that but then double your roll (from your booster ability) and move 12 and then do whatever the task is wherever you land next? or do you roll 6 and do this? i’m very confused as you can tell. just got the game today

  8. So the cards have to put in the correct order Everytime you play ?

  9. Go to Jail. Do not pass "GO", do not collect 200 Golden Rings.

  10. I got this ages ago, I must get round playing It 😂

  11. I got this game and im unsure why amy drops coins as a super power, also sonics ability you go to go to go… But the power is not making sence as it proves different to get to go for boss fights manually… Is there anything im doing wrong as i dont understand them.. Would be grateful for feedback

  12. Played a few games of this with Family lately, and well…

  13. Thanks dude! This really helped since we didn’t really understand the manual.. lmao

  14. So a question: When you get the monitor, does that protect from go to jail space too?

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