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How To Play Monopoly Jackpot Board Game

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A quick tutorial on how to play the boardl game Monopoly Jackpot from Hasbro.

in case it wasn’t clear, everybody will have an opportunity to wager when someone rolls a chance on the die or lands on a chance space. also, reason why someone would not be knocked out after going bankrupt is because they can still pass go and collect $200. if they have houses they can still collect money that way. Also, if someone is unable to pay somebody they can simply remove a house and allow the person to place one of their houses on that property. If they can’t do that, then nothing happens. #boardgame #ads #ads
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  1. I bought Monopoly Jackpot because of this video. I actually bought pretty much all of my Monopoly games thanks to your videos. The only exception is Monopoly Empire because I played it with a friend.

  2. What board/card games would you recommend to a person that's new to playing board/card games?

  3. You forgot about the Go to jail space and Jackpot space on the wheel. Jackpot: You get all the money in the jackpot plus everyone’s Chance money, the rest do nothing. Go to Jail: You must immediately go to jail and put all your Chance money in the jackpot.

  4. G’day. – Norm’s famous line I stole (not really).

  5. I would love a tee shirt saying " Board Game Muesum" or "I love Board Games" for my sons, daughter in law 's and grandchildren.

  6. A question. What if somebody lands on your property, and he dosen't have enough money to pay you? He gives you his property?

  7. i have a question that i tried to google but saw no result. what if the current player has no cash anymore but went on Chance and landed on Swap Cash, do they swap cash with someone (which means someone’s money will go to them) or just not do anything as they dont have cash to swap with??

  8. What if the banker dont have enough money to give in the chance like example
    ex:i spin chance and land on 2x times and theres not enough money for banker to give
    that means how we will give the rest of the money to

  9. When I play that game the 1 dice or 2 dice you have to choose number or (?)

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