How to play Monopoly Jenga -

How to play Monopoly Jenga

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Learn the rules to the cross over board game Monopoly Jenga quickly and concisely – This video has no distractions, just the rules.

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The object of the game is to earn the most points by collecting properties, property sets, and railroad blocks before the tower falls. Mix up all the blocks and setup the tower by placing 3 blocks per layer in any order, alternating direction by layer and using the stacking sleeve if you need to. The youngest player goes first then play proceeds clockwise. On your turn, you may either trade properties and railroads with another player or you must remove a block from the tower. You are only allowed to use 1 hand to remove a block, and that block must be from anywhere below the 2nd highest completed layer on the tower. You are allowed to touch the blocks to find a lose one. Based on what block you pulled you then perform an action.

If you removed a property or railroad block, keep it in front of you. You now own it. Each property and railroad block is worth 1 point and having two property blocks of the same color makes a property set, which is worth 4 points. Having 2 Railroads are worth 3 points, 3 railroads are worth 6 points, and 4 railroads are worth 10 points.

Whenever you return a block to the tower, you may put it in any spot in or on the tower, in any orientation. If you remove a chance block, you must return any one of your properties to the tower, then return the chance block. If you remove a community chest block, then steal a property from another player, if they have one, and return the community chest block to the tower. Free parking is the same except you steal an entire property set from another player instead. Go to Jail block means you must return that block to the tower then skip your next turn.

If you remove a blank block then return it to the tower, except, with this block you are allowed to try and use it to push out a property or railroad from the tower as you return it. If you succeed, you then get to keep that property or railroad.

When the tower falls, the game ends and points are scored. If you knocked down the tower you lose one point. If you knock it down while removing a block, you do not get to keep that block nor perform its action. The player with the most points, wins.


  1. 2:14 that was satisfying. Comment: You did brilliant as I learned new games, including Clue which was my favorite.

  2. you can have a goal like this though to make it simpler: Choose how many full property sets you need to win (Has to be at 7) and whoever gets that much full sets first wins.

  3. You are free to buy properties in the game,but it’s a block not a card

  4. Free parking in normal monopoly: Free parking in Jenga monopoly: I AM FEAR

  5. "We're doing Jenga x Monopoly. You make the rules. You have 10 minutes."

  6. Free parking in normal monopoly: 😁Free parking in monopoly jenga:😈

  7. The rules are the same as Jenga, Except with these changes.

  8. Compare to other "Monopoly", I think this is the quickest gameplay ever. (This just my opinion)

  9. OK, who's making these boardgame hybrids?

  10. Neat-o! Might have to check this out someday!

  11. lmao im so early there are only 1000 views, never happens to me lol

  12. This is the most obnoxious combination of two classics…

  13. Triple s game if you're reading this can we be friends and also can you make a video how to play twister please I'm been dying to see it.

  14. Pls do the "Monopoly : House Divided🇺🇲🏦"

  15. You earn a sub! Whenever I need to know the rules of these not-so-popular games I can always count on you! Your explainations are straight to the point, complete and clear!

  16. -1 point? That's very small. If you are any more than 1 point ahead of everyone else on your turn, you can "accidentally" knock off the tower and claim your win.

  17. Monopoly + Jenga = A business empire comes tumbling down! XD

  18. The only Monopoly game where Railroads are worth it in the end.

  19. So basically if I have the highest amount of points. And my sister is catching up, I can just knock down the tower. Loose a point, and still be on top
    Got it

  20. So the strategy is to get ahead in the early game and purposely knock the tower down.

  21. So if you are winning by more than one point and it's your turn: Just knock down the tower, end the game, and win. Let's say you have 4 points and second place has 2. It's your turn. Knock down the tower. You now have 3 points and you win!

  22. couldn't you just go first take a property then intentionally knock it down to win

  23. This is a better version of monopoly and jenga than monopoly or jenga….is…is that a sentence? I don’t know anymore!

  24. Is this monopoly though, or is it just the creators trying to slap their brand on another game

  25. It should that the player that knocked it down looses all points and the other players are counted by points (2 people makes other person win) Edit : wow that’s a lot of conflict

  26. This sounds more fun and is less chaotic than I thought

  27. If we get 2 points at the start of the game, we can win by knocking off the tower on purpose.

  28. but what if you knock down the tower after performing a action like free parking, stealing all railroads from 1 person.

    getting esentially 9 points for free, and winning the game? because you have the most points

  29. man the 1 point loss is like, you don't even need play testing to see how that'd be a bad idea lol

  30. But if I have 3 points and everyone else just 1 I can just throw the tower over and automatically win

  31. This legit is so unfun for all when you somebody that really wants to win all the time worst case they tie you every game

  32. It should be that when you knock down the tower, you lose the game, lose 5 points or something.

  33. Normally I'm all for creative hybrid games, but this just seems like it's trying to hard.

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