How to play Monopoly Junior -

How to play Monopoly Junior

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Learn the rules to the board game Monopoly Junior quickly and concisely – This visually rich video has no distractions, just the rules.

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The object of the game is to have the most cash when the first player goes bankrupt. Setup. Layout the board and each player picks a token and places it on go. Take the matching character card and 12 sold signs and place them in front of you. Pick one player to be the banker. The banker is in charge of the cash in the bank, which they keep separate from their own. In a 2 player game give each player 20 cash. In a 3 player game give each player 18 cash. And in a 4 player game give each player 16 cash. Shuffle the chance deck and place it face down on the chance spot on the board,

The youngest player goes first then play proceeds clockwise. On your turn roll the die and move your token that number of spaces clockwise around the board. You may not move counter-clockwise. Every time your token passes or lands on Go, collect 2 cash from the bank. If you land on a chance space, take the top chance card from the deck, read it aloud and then do what it says, putting the card back under the deck. If you land on an un-owned property, you must buy it. Pay the bank it’s purchase price as indicated on the space. Put one of your sold signs on the space so everyone knows who owns it. If you land on a space that a player owns, you must pay them rent as indicated by the price written on the space. If you own the space, you pay nothing. If a player owns both properties of the same color, then rent is double the amount written on those spaces.

If you land on Go to Jail, then move your token to jail. You do not pass go and do not collect 2 cash. At the start of your next turn pay 1 cash or use a get out of jail free card if you have one. Then roll the die and move as normal. You are still allowed to collect rent while you are in jail. If you move and land on the jail space then you are just visiting and not actually in jail. If you land on free parking then nothing happens.

After following the rules for the space you landed on, your turn ends. Pass the die clockwise and the next player goes. If you don’t have enough cash to pay rent, buy a property you land on, or pay a chance card fee, then you are bankrupt and the game ends. The other players count their cash and the player with the most cash wins! If there is a tie, then the tied players count how much their properties are worth and adds it to their total to determine a winner.

Once you have mastered the standard rules, you can play with these advanced rules: If you don’t have enough cash to pay rent or a chance card fee, you must pay the player or bank the remaining with property you own based on its price. After that, if you still can’t pay, then you are bankrupt and the game ends and the player with the most cash wins.


  1. Free parking gives you all the money collected in the middle of the board. You don't know how to play this game. GG

  2. I think players shouldn't be forced to buy a property they land on. Like with the adult version, I'd give them the option, according to whether they think they can afford it.

  3. Questions about banker:1) Does the banker also participate in the game, with a character, throw the dice, etc?2) When you say, 2 players with each $20, does 1 of the 2 player is also a banker? Or actually 2 players + 1 banker?

  4. A variant of this game that I came up with:Standard Rules variation:Give each player $20, regardless of how many players there are.You may try to roll a 6 to Get out of Jail. If this fails, you pay $1. Else, you roll the die again and move that number of spaces.All but one player has to go bankrupt for the game to end.You may not buy any properties if you do not have enough sold signs.Advanced Rules variation:If you don't or can't buy a property, then it goes up for auction. Each player can offer up a new bid that increases it from the last bid offered. You may not offer a bid that is less than the previous bid. Whoever has the most amount of money pays the bank that money and owns the property.You can pay the bank the list price on the property to increase rent once you own a complete color set. This increase in rent from doubling is signified by adding another sold sign to a property you own. You may not add a sold sign to an opponent's property. You can do this on any turn, not just your turn. Furthermore, you may not improve your property if you do not have enough sold signs. You may sell sold signs back to the bank for full price. You cannot sell a property to another player if that property has more than 1 sold sign on it. For example, if you have the brown color set, you can add a second sold sign to Taco Truck to have triple rent on that property.Instead of 1 try to roll a 6, you have 3 tries. If you still can't get out of Jail in this manner, then you have to pay $1.

  5. man they did the cat dirty, getting rid of it 😶

  6. Is it just me, or does it seem kinda…wrong, for there to be jail in the kid's version of this game?I'd sooner have named it timeout.

  7. Finally, "The Youngest Player Goes First" rule is finally useful

  8. Only hardcore gamers play Monopoly Junior1v1 me bro

  9. Shouldn't that be a "Juve Hall" rather than a jail? Or perhaps being grounded or in time out or something?

  10. bruh they tryin to indoctrinate kids to being capitalist

  11. When you fast forward exactly when he says "How to" He will say "Monopoly JR. How to bankrupt"

  12. Always buy go karts/anything else (first orange one) it is infamous

  13. I remember this game having a rectangular, not square, board, and jail was replaced with restrooms…

  14. Can I as a player influence the game in any way? Or is it completely luck based?

  15. Get out of jail free card if u have one – what does this exactly mean? Does it mean that the player has to take the top most chance card and see if it the Get out of jail free card or not and keep it back under the deck???

  16. I miss the old one who it was an amusement park

  17. As someone who is familiar with regular monopoly rules, I'd like to play this with beginner, advanced, and my rules: my rules add in the ability to auction.

  18. I had the lemonade version as a kid. I'm surprised they added in Jail.

  19. Every board space: has avery kid-friendly design
    Free Parking, Jail, Go to Jail spaces: hello there

  20. My Monopoly Jr. doesn't look like this at all.

  21. What do you do if both the spaces of the same home colour is occupied, then u get a free ticket booth to thar colour

  22. I have the electronic banking version of this 😀 its very fun

  23. The version of this I played is the classic version. Instead of jail, you pay to take the tram to the restroom.

  24. I have played this game with my mom and I have won 4 times and mom lost 4 times

  25. I playing the Lemonade version with my dad when as a kid

  26. So the first player that runs out of money lose the game?

  27. May be you can make a video on how to play monopoly global village

  28. I just played it but i just play that mom said i can play that

  29. chicos mi mamá con la roberta y yo compramos el monopoly chile🇨🇱🇨🇱

  30. te jail goblin is in all monopoly games

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