How To Play Monopoly: Jurassic Park 2021 Board Game -

How To Play Monopoly: Jurassic Park 2021 Board Game

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Note: Trex starts on Free Parking

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How To Play Monopoly: Jurassic Park 2021

Secure dinosaur paddocks and other areas but beware of the T. Rex; it doesn’t follow rules! Build fences to protect paddocks from the attack and earn money by charging rent, but prepare for damaged property. Activate the gate to hear the Jurassic Park movie theme song or a dinosaur roar, which will determine how much money to collect. The last player with money when all others have gone bankrupt wins. The game also ends if the T. Rex damages all properties before they can be protected with fence

s or repaired. Then everyone loses! The Monopoly: Jurassic Park Edition game is for kids ages 8 and up.

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  1. I still don't understand if I have to pay 50m to the bank when the T-REX passes or lands where my token is but IS NOT my turn. So if there are like 4 players and the T-rex passes them all, do they all have to pay?

  2. Can you please make a video about Builder-opoly?

  3. If you are in jail and T-rex passes jail, do u still have to pay $50?

  4. Excellent game! Looks like fun! 🙂👍

  5. HA HA HA The gate is AWESOME! I also really like the way it looks!

  6. After the fence is knocked out, can we buy another fence?

  7. Love the artwork, gameplay, and music sound!

  8. Note: The rule book states that the T-Rex starts at the 'free parking' space.

  9. But what happens when the T. rex lands on go to jail? Does the tree go to Jail??? I looked in the directions and it didn’t say

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