How to play Monopoly Jurassic Park -

How to play Monopoly Jurassic Park

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Learn the rules to the board game Monopoly Jurassic Park quickly and concisely – This video has no distractions, just the rules. For a refresher of the original rules of Monopoly, check out this video:

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The rules are the same as regular monopoly except for these changes. During setup, layout the board and place every title deed card face up next to its matching board space. Place the t rex token on free parking. Place the electronic gate near Go. The chance and community chest decks are now called Storage cards and impact tremor cards. At the start of your turn you may pay to repair any damaged properties you own, then you roll both the white and amber dice. Before moving your piece you must move the t-rex clockwise around the board based on the amber die. Then you move your pawn clockwise around the board based on the total of both dice rolled.

If the t-rex lands on or passes YOUR token, then you must pay the bank $50. If you pass the t-rex, then you pay nothing. If you are in jail when the t-rex passes you, then you do not need to pay. If the T-rex lands on a property space, owned or unowned, then that space is damaged and that space’s title deed card is flipped facedown. However, if that property is owned and part of a complete color set, then it is not damaged. If a property has a fence on it, then instead of damaging the property, remove the fence. If the property is already damaged then nothing happens. If every property is damaged at the same time, then the game ends and everyone loses.

No rent may be collected on damaged properties. Unowned damaged properties can still be bought and auctioned, but they must be repaired before the new owner can collect rent. To repair a property, the owner, at the start of their turn, must pay the repair cost listed on the card to the bank, then flip the card faceup. If you received the damaged properties by a bankrupt player, then you may repair them immediately if you wish. Also, any property that is in a complete set automatically repairs all damaged properties immediately for free.

There are 3 types of properties: Dino Paddocks which replace colored sets, park roads which replace railroads, and utilities. 4 park roads is a complete set and both utilities are a complete set. There are no houses or hotels instead there are fences. Fences may only be built on dino paddocks and you may only build one fence per property. You don’t need to wait until you have a complete colored set, you may build fences on any property you own. Fences are the only way to charge more rent.

Whenever you land on or pass go, press the Jurassic park button on the electronic gate. If you hear the movie theme song, then collect $200. If you hear the roar of a dinosaur, then collect $100 instead. The last player in the game once everyone else goes bankrupt, wins.


  1. Thank you… and please do Jurassic Park The Game of Life as well 🙂

  2. Hi Can you please make a video about Builder-opoly?

  3. Can you do twilight struggle?

  4. It's interesting learning about dinosaur as a martian

    Also this looks fun

  5. This is seems Interesting Game, i wish i can buy it….

  6. Damaged properties are interesting as a T-rex destroys a property after landing on it.

  7. I think this is the laziest variants I've seen. They've cut features, added some measly ones that don't impact the game much, and added this stupid electronic gate that makes the game unplayable for the hearing impaired.

    What kind of chance and community chest cards are there – do they differ from the base game much?

  8. 3:14 If you wish want to be a faster game, then use the "collect rent from the bank" rule instead.

  9. Chess pls. I haven't had my daily dose of chess. I don't want to sound rude.

  10. Thanks dude, me and my family didn’t know how to end the game because no one was getting eliminated

  11. no houses or hotels, what a cool variant because people with more money will not be able to snow ball very easily

  12. So once you have a full colored set, the fences become obsolete for that set right?

  13. "If you hear the movie theme song, collect $200." WTF

  14. "If every property is damaged at the same time, then the game ends and everyone loses."
    Has that ever happened? It seems almost like everybody would have to be trying to make that happen.

  15. Sugestion: how to play joking hazard (put KIDS ARE NOT ALOWED TO PLAY THE GAME NOR SEE IT! CONTAINS ADULT JOKES!)

  16. damaged properties could be cool in regular monopoly too… maybe there could be a chance card that causes an earthquake to damage two random properties on one side of the board

  17. I am going to ask for a release date of pokemon trading card game every day until it is revealed. Day 1

  18. If T-Rex passes you, you must pay 50 dolars to the bank.
    So, T-Rex works for the bank? Maybe as tax collector?

  19. I love it when games have an “everyone loses” condition

  20. Monopoly Pizza Maker and Monopoly Lion King, please.

  21. The person that wins: owns Jurassic Park
    Everyone else: Took the helicopter out of there
    The people who got bankrupt early on: Dino-meat

  22. Where is the Axis and Allies?
    Its been 3 vids since this ez request

  23. Can you do Monopoly Millionaire?

  24. It makes me want to host a board game night at home ! In addition, I could trap my frends to play my local multiplayer game… ehehe

  25. Hard mode idea: if the t-rex destroys all the properties of a color set and no one owns it, then that color set will no longer be in the game

  26. 1:39 Why would everyone lose if all the properties are damaged?

  27. If you somehow lost the gate. you can use the amber die. if you a roll a 1 2 or 3 its the Jurassic Park Theme Song. But If you roll a 4 5 or 6 its a dinosaur roar.

  28. 😥😥😥I HAITE THIS FACT! E! V! E! R! O! N! E! L! O! S! E! S!!!!!!!!!!

  29. 1:08 I'm sorry the visualization of the T-Rex shaking down a guy in jail for his money is probably the best visualization I've had all day. A shame it doesn't happen in game.

  30. “Pad-DICK”. It’s pronounced “Pad-DICK”.

  31. If the dead cards stay beside the board how can you keep track of what you own ?

  32. A variant of this game that I came up with:
    If the T-Rex passes you, you miss out on your turn, instead of paying. This is signified by toppling your token over. When it's your turn, you miss your turn and put your token back up.
    If you pass the T-Rex, you go 1 extra space.
    If the T-Rex passes you while in Jail, you miss out on your next Jail turn.
    If the would be damaged property is part of a complete color set, then it is still damaged.
    If the property is already damaged, put the title deed card back in the box. It is gone for the rest of the game.
    If and only if every title deed card has been put back in the box and not if every property is damaged, everyone loses.
    Properties whose title deed card is in the box may not be bought or auctioned.
    Being a part of a complete color set does not repair damaged properties.
    If you hear a dinosaur roar after passing GO and pressing the gate, then you do not collect GO money, and the T-Rex moves with both the amber and regular dice immediately.

  33. 1:44 NO!!! Instead, if every property is damaged simultaneously, then each player must pay $50 to the bank before then you can repair any property you wish and the game continues.

  34. Who is buying all these monopoly variants? I know someone must be purchasing them, otherwise they would not be made, but surely by now every household has a copy of monopoly – are their people who are buying multiple sets a year?

  35. Learn the rules to the board game Monopoly Jurassic Park quickly and concisely.

  36. "everyone loses!" "What!?!? there is NOTHING you can do to prevent everyone from losing and continue playing!! I took a screenshot and I am going to keep it secret.

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