How to play Monopoly Longest Game Ever -

How to play Monopoly Longest Game Ever

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Learn the rules to the board game Monopoly Longest Game Ever quickly and concisely – This video has no distractions, just the rules. For the original rules of monopoly, check out this video:

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The rules for this version are the same to regular monopoly except for these changes. For a refresher on the regular rules, check out this video: – The object of the game is to own every single property. During setup place $500 from the bank in the middle of the board. Tokens start the game on the outmost Go space.

On your turn you roll the one die and move. There are no longer doubles you can roll. There are three types of properties: streets, which come in color sets, railroads, and utilities. There are three versions of each property. Those three versions share the same Title Deed card. When you own one of the properties, you own all three. When you own the colored set, you get to double the rent on all the properties. There are no auctions, so if you don’t want to or can’t buy an unowned property you land on, nothing happens.

When you land on a property that someone else owns, you have two options: The first option is to pay that owner rent according to the Title Deed card. You only have to pay for rent with a building when you land on the version of a street that has a physical building. The second option is to buy the property from that player for the price of rent plus $10. They must sell it to you. You may split a complete color set, and you may buy a property with a building on it. Just pay the rent shown on the Title Deed card for a color set or whatever buildings are on that property, plus $10. If you buy a property with buildings, you may move those buildings to any version of that property at any time on your turn. You may not buy a mortgaged property.

When you land on an Income Tax or Luxury Tax space, place the amount shown on the space in the middle of the board. When you land on a Free Parking space, take all the money in the middle of the board. Then refill the center of the board with $500 from the Bank.

You have two options for how to get out of Jail: You can pay $50 or use a get out of jail free card at the start of your next turn, then roll and move as normal.

You can have only four Houses on a street, but you may split those four Houses between the three versions of that street. For example, if you own Boardwalk and Park Place, you may decide to build three Houses on Boardwalk. You could put all three on Boardwalk, or you could put two on Boardwalk 2 and one on Boardwalk 3. You choose the combination. You may move any number of your Houses to any version of their street at any time on your turn. You can only have one Hotel per street. You can’t add any more Houses. You may move your Hotels to any version of their street at any time on your turn.

Players have to land on the version of a street that has the physical building in order to owe rent with a building. For example, if you have one House on Boardwalk 2 and no Houses on Boardwalk and another player lands on Boardwalk, they do not owe you rent for a House.

You can buy, sell, or swap property with other players at any time, including streets with buildings on them. Buildings stay with their streets until the new owner decides to move them. You may even split color sets if you want to. Mortgaged property can be traded at any agreed-upon price. The new owner must immediately Repay the mortgage by paying the Bank the unmortgage cost Or keep the mortgage by paying the Bank 10% of the mortgage value. When a property is mortgaged, all versions of that property are mortgaged.

Rent cannot be collected on any version of a property that is mortgaged, and players may not purchase a mortgaged property when they land on it. The increased rent level can be collected on any version of an unmortgaged street in a color set. The increased rent on any version of an unmortgaged railroad or any version of an unmortgaged utility may be collected in the same way.

When you go bankrupt you are not eliminated from the game. Instead, after giving all that you have to the creditor, you continue to take turns and move around the board collecting money from Go and free parking. Who knows, maybe you’ll make a come back? If the bank runs out of money, flip the needed bill over and cut it up. Take what you need and return the rest to the bank. The first player to own every single property, that includes railroads and utilities wins.


  1. My friends that I play this game for four hours

  2. I have this game and I've yet to trap my family into playing

  3. Monopoly can make you start hating your friends. This version makes you start hating yourself.

  4. His smile at the end makes me imagine him saying: "The real game starts now."

  5. That's easy:
    Step 1: build a nice fire in your fireplace. If you don't have a fireplace, you can use any standard barbecue grill.
    Step 2: Put the game in the fire.

  6. Now i want to see a Monopoly: longest game ever speedrun

  7. So what happens if you go broke then land on an owned property before you pass go? How can you pay your rent?

  8. ………….. nope….nope…..f this crap I'm out.

  9. Why bother calling Monopoly why not Duopoly? I’m just sayin’ 🤷‍♂️

  10. How to make it WAY longer
    More properties & huge prices
    4 sided dice (or 2 sided if possible)
    Less salary and no chance and community chests
    $400 to get out of jail
    Distribute 500

    Play it with 8 people

    Oh no

  11. This sounds like something I would have come up with.

  12. So it takes as long as a good game of TI4, makes you hate everyone just like TI4, but unlike TI4 isn't fun.

    Why, Hasbruh?

  13. "How to play Monopoly Longest Game Ever"
    Step 1- Play Monopoly

  14. Is this a real version? EDIT: it is. Who thought this up?!

  15. we should be able to play without the "slowdown" rules, use two dice, use the speed dice, etc.

  16. This just feels like a mockery of common house rules.

  17. So this version codifies the Free Parking Jackpot House Rule?

  18. This feels like a very highly strategical, cutthroat version of monopoly

  19. The worst part about this is that someone can either pay the rent owed, meaning the opponent still keeps the property, or just add 10 dollars to the paid rent to only have to pay them for that property once and you then gaining the property.

  20. Ngl, the triple property with moving houses mechanic sounds kinda fun


    My family: SON OF A GUN!

  22. So it's regular Monopoly, but with the addition of all the house rules that people add before complaining the game takes too long.

  23. Seems like after establishing dominance it would be smart to mortgage most of your lower rent properties to keep ownership and prevent players from taking them

  24. This game has so much socialism and inflation it should be called Greece

  25. Monopoly Axis and Allies edition.
    "Just as long, just as miserable!"

  26. in other words, Monopoly: Torture Edition

  27. Big brain move. Mortgage everything until you have a large enough bankroll to develop something, then develop it. A mortgaged property is a safe property. You leave a undeveloped property up, someone is just gonna take it for pocket change.

  28. How 100% of these games end:
    They give up or someone rages
    How 0% do:
    Someone wins

  29. That's disappointing. I thought it'd just be classic Monopoly but with twice as many properties, but instead they have to ruin it with a bunch of new rules.

  30. Are we sure this doesn't massively infringe on the Geneva Conventions?

  31. imagen if all of the propertys ware difrent

  32. the board, it makes my eyes burn, Now Hasbro is just taking the piss, God Bless your soul if you ever decide to play this

  33. Might as well call this channel Triple S Monopoly Variants

  34. This sounds horrible, but admittedly, being able to cut any bill into smaller copies of itself is a really funny detail.

  35. I want to play normal monopoly on this board with three times the buildings and money

  36. I think it would be more creative if they just named all the new properties with new names

    there are enough streets in Atlantic City, they can figure it out

  37. this is the worst thing I've ever seen, this is like our punishment for inventing Monopoly Cheaters Edition

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