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How To Play Monopoly Millionaire Board Game

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  1. I have a question – How much money does each player start with?

  2. The upgrade price seems so low. You can upgrade to the max level the first time around the board!

  3. I really can't see a reason why you wouldn't upgrade your piece instantly because you will make back the cost when you pass go.

  4. Wait… How many money for each player?? Specifically???

  5. This version of the game is easy… I just buy all the properties, sell all the properties to idiots who give me 200 or something and use a bunch of forced and sly deal

  6. That black and white dice looks nice. I'm seeing other people's video about this, they had a standard white and black dice.

    Could those black and white dice only came in the first few batches?

  7. Why does yours have black dice. Mine has regular dice… I’m upset

  8. No one can be a bankrupt when they have no money, they still continue playing if they still have no money

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