How To Play Monopoly Rivals Board Game (Hasbro) -

How To Play Monopoly Rivals Board Game (Hasbro)

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How To Play Monopoly Rivals Board Game (Hasbro)

In this Monopoly Rivals game, players choose their token and move around the board buying, selling, and auctioning off properties. Community Chest cards and Chance cards add to the suspense as players try to own all the properties on the board or bankrupt their opponent.

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  1. explicacion en español del juego monopoli

  2. 00:3400:36 you also have money here in the game and in the very beginning you’re going to give each player U$1.000

  3. So if your rent is $200 because you own both so it’s doubled and you use a triple the rent card would it make it triple the $200 or triple the $100?

  4. Looks lile a simplified version of Monopoly that can be played in a lot less time. Awesome video!

  5. This is monopoly junior for adults 😑😑😑

  6. if you get a card saying 'take a property from opponent' is it take it away from them, and if you wish to buy it, you can. or is it, you receive ownership of the property

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