How to play Monopoly Rivals -

How to play Monopoly Rivals

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Learn the rules to the board game Monopoly Rivals quickly and concisely – This video has no distractions, just the rules.

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The object of this 2 player monopoly game is to buy all the properties on the board and bankrupt your opponent. Layout the board and shuffle the community chest and chance decks and place them face down on the board. Each player picks a color and receives all the colored houses of that color along with 8 $100 bills and 4 $50 bills. The remainder of the money stays with the bank. Each player picks a token then places it on go.

The player with the closest birthday goes first, then turns alternate. On your turn, doll the die and move your token exactly that many spaces clockwise around the board.
If you land on an unoccupied property, you may place one of your houses on it to claim it, but you do not need to pay the bank any money for it.
If you land on a property that you already own, AND you own the entire property colored set, then draw 1 chance or community chest card.
If you land on a property that you already own but the other matching colored set property is un-owned then you auction that unowned property to the highest bidder. The winner of the auction pays the bank and places their house on the property
If you land on a property owned by your opponent, then you must pay them the value of the property as indicated by the board or negotiate another deal by offering to trade them properties in exchange for rent. You may not postpone payment to a future turn, you must pay them that turn.
If you land on a property that is part of a full color set owned by your opponent, then you must pay them double the amount shown on the board.
If you land on Go to Jail, then you move your token to the jail space, and lose your next turn, then you are released. Only 1 player can be in jail at a time.
If you land on free parking or just visiting, then nothing happens.

If you land on a chance or community chest space, then draw the top card from the corresponding deck and follow its instructions. If you draw a “Just say no”, Skip the rent, double rent, or triple the rend card, you may keep them face up on the table to use later. You must play all other cards immediately. After playing a card, place it back on the bottom of its deck.

If you owe rent and are unable to pay, you may sell properties back to the bank for the listed price or you can sell the property to your opponent for an amount they are willing to pay. In either case, remove your house, collect your money, and pay the rent you owe. If you are unable to pay rent or if you don’t own any property, then you have lost the game and your opponent is the winner.


  1. i just had an idea for a monopoly mod. war monopoly.instead of money, there are troops.instead of properties, there are can battle an opponent. to battle, check the amount of troops. whoever has the least gets removed from the game, their territories given to the other player.the rest of the game is the same.

  2. Someone please help me I got the chance card to take any complete property set from my opponent but he doesn’t have a complete set !! How can this be solved ?

  3. These simplifications seem similar to Monopoly Junior.

  4. A variant of this game that I came up with:You have to pay $50 to get out of Jail or be stuck in there until the next turn.If you would be bankrupt and your opponent doesn't own all properties, then you are still in, just hang in there until next GO. You only lose if both conditions are met.

  5. The player with the closest birthday goes first? What does that mean?

  6. monopoly can already be played with 2 players.

  7. This game was my introduction to monopoly. I loved it and decided to play the original and I like it just as much.

  8. The player with the closest birthday goes first XD

  9. It hurt watching you shuffle board game cards like a playing card deck D:

  10. Has anyone else wondered how many board games this guy has and how much he spent?

  11. I have a question: What if I land in a property space that I have owned, but my rival owns the other same-coloured property, what happens?

  12. Could have used better figure instead of hat, like car and boat or smth

  13. Your best friend of several years gives this to you with a very upset looking expression. What u do?

  14. R.I.P. the fallen properties.Reading RailroadOriental Avenue (Cyan)Electric CompanyStates Avenue (Pink)Pennsylvania RailroadTennessee Avenue (Orange)Illinois Avenue (Red)B. & O. RailroadVentor Avenue (Yellow)Water WorksPacific Avenue (Green)Short Line

  15. What if your birthday was yesterday and your opponent's birthday is tomorrow?

  16. 0:34All is well and good until twins play the game. Jeez, there is a fight even before the game has started 🤣

  17. "…then you have lost the game."D'oh! I just lost The Game!

  18. What happens if youneed to pick the first player and its the exact moment someone there was born.

  19. I would like to request you to explain the mechanics of the Monopoly Speed Die found in the recent versions of the said board game

  20. This is a smaller version of regular Monopoly meant for two players only. Interesting. 😉👍

  21. Another monopoly video? Just the way i like it.

  22. I watch your videos all the time

  23. TheRMChesseGods100.00%ジAquaticNeptunesHeadQuarters says:

    Okay So This Is Little Bit Different Then The Original Monopoly The Board Game Triple S Games

  24. What if you sold all your property's to afford rent but after you sell your propertys you still cant afford it?

  25. This is monopoly junior for adults 😑😑😑

  26. Probably one of the closest original monopoly game that is meant for the road or I should say travelling

  27. Kinda like Monopoly Jr. Except for 2 people. Gotta 1v1 my brother after getting this.

  28. This is one of my favorite ones to play. But fair warning, some of those chance and community chest cards will make your blood boil 😂😂

  29. The only version of monopoly where the green properties can be useful

  30. But what if I was a twin and I play against them? Who would go first?

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