How To Play Monopoly Secret Vault Board Game (Hasbro 2022) -

How To Play Monopoly Secret Vault Board Game (Hasbro 2022)

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How To Play Monopoly Secret Vault Board Game (Hasbro 2022)

Note: Any time you land on or pass GO not only that you collect $400 from the bank, but you also take a extra $100 and put it in the vault


  1. anyone know the sequence for the safe? like how to guess it every time?

  2. Thanks for all the video you have done on Monopoly over the years.

  3. No houses and no community chest! I do like how the board looks and the locked properties make it good as well! Nice review Norm!


  5. Thank you for this video!! I’ve been looking for someone to do a review of this game!! Especially new Monopoly games that come out. You rock!! Thanks!! Going to buy this one!!

  6. Still debating if I want to get this for my siblings and I! Different monopoly boards are a hit or miss

  7. Will you be doing a video on the Monopoly Crazy for Cats?

  8. It's a neat idea but I feel like they could have done so much more with it. Maybe like a whole bank heist themed Monopoly.

  9. At the end of the game you collect rent for all your properties. FROM WHO? THE BANK? Doesn't seem right that the bank has to pay you rent.

  10. steps are confusing. There are questions:
    1. When u role dice, should we consider consolidated number to move?
    2. What are the criteria or when do we pick the guess card?
    3. Are we suppose to perform lock/unlock upon hexagon pick from the dice?

  11. I got this version for christmas and it's a disappointment…the vault sometimes just won't open and you have to reset a few times..will return it

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