How To Play Monopoly Socialism Board Game By Hasbro (2019) -

How To Play Monopoly Socialism Board Game By Hasbro (2019)

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How To Play Monopoly Socialism Board Game By Hasbro.

Welcome To Our Utopia! And remember it’s pronounced Keen-Wah.

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  1. This game is a great example of why Socialism sucks. Everyone contributes to Community Projects that are run by The Government so Really who is in Charge not the People The Government is and who is the Government the Rich Elites Mr. Monopoly is Jp. Morgan Capitalism does not always work because all are set at different levels, but the good thing is that everyone has a Chance to Own something if they have a good Financial Education even though there is still a Rich Elite Mr Monopoly government that taxes everyone. Tbh the world needs Working Robots then everyone can be Rich and have a Successful Business with little Physical Labor and could enjoy life.

    The Only thing I love about Monopoly is Park Place cause its the only part that is good and Free hahahaha!

  2. Idk if just parody or meticulously planned, but it's fucking brilliant 😆

  3. Is it just me or am I seeing a lot more hasbro board game related stuff lately?

  4. Reps can't follow this, and they fear what they don't understand.

  5. I don't get it, literally the original monopoly game is a Socialist critique of capitalism – that was the original design, to show how debt and property ownership result in monopoly and bankrupt people. For some reason people think this is a pro-capitalist game when its ALWAYS been a Socialist one.

  6. I have the game and I tried to play. Hahaha it is very very confusing.

  7. its not funny 'cause my country is socialist :'(

  8. i love reading the comments and realizing that none of you know what socialism is

  9. Wow I see a great depression happening in this game lmfao

  10. When will the board game trade wars and gut democracy comes out ?

  11. Thanks so much for the video! On a side note, the word you mention early on as quinoa is actually pronounced “Keen wah “. Have a great holiday season!

  12. One question: What are the benefits of social inequality?

  13. This is not a board game. It's a "democratic" board game.

  14. They missed the opportunity to name “Jail” the “Gulag.”

  15. I think I like the capitalism Monopoly better. I know he's doing a very good job trying to explain but at this point all I hear is blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah.

  16. Am I the only one who didn't get 500s in the money pack ?

  17. some of these comments are unbearable; just as i expected!

  18. You should try my north Korean socialism. It's way better m8 trust me. There is no need in food you will love it here

  19. This literally screams bourgeoisie propaganda

  20. Seams exhausting and the outcome is always everyone looses

  21. Monopoly is amazing! I even head of the ones for millennials. Lol! It’s amazing how they can translate things into their gaming model! I hope this lets people know what socialism actually is.

  22. Missed a opportunity to have jail to gulag

  23. Still waiting for libertarian socialism not where the state destroys it like states destroy everything good like your freedoms

  24. this is a parody now, but could become reality in the future

  25. This game is best played with a group of socialists (preferably humorless ones, but that's the norm) who really want to cooperate to get a group win. That way it's more fun to betray them, take all the community money for your own projects, and then laugh as the group falls to infighting and everyone loses. That's the best way to simulate socialism.

  26. “Together we rise”
    That’s a pretty cool name for a bakery tho 😂

  27. That’s amazing. I will own this soon….wait am I allowed to own it or does it belong to my entire neighborhood but the government gets the receipt for it?

  28. What’s funny is that Communism/Socialism fails and SUCKS every time 😉

  29. Why is there a jail? Shouldn’t it be a Gulag or labor camp instead? 😂

  30. This version sounds way better than the original

  31. Kinda ironic that monopoly was use to educate about the dangers of monopolies and capitalism

  32. you can tell this game was made by someone who got their definition of socialism from an American textbook

  33. I think Hasbro realized that Socialism is actually better than capitalism cuz they are trying to make fun of Socialism now

  34. Just the fact that you can choose to manage an already existing buisness makes this the exact opposite of socialism, as in socialism you would have the object you work with and just work for yourself (or join a union if the work needs more people)

  35. Amazing the amount of cliches in this game. Almost as if it's mocking them.

  36. Imagine one excited kid awaits at home for they're parents to buy this game.

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