How To Play Monopoly Socialism Board Game By Hasbro (2019) -

How To Play Monopoly Socialism Board Game By Hasbro (2019)

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How To Play Monopoly Socialism Board Game By Hasbro.

Welcome To Our Utopia! And remember it’s pronounced Keen-Wah.

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  1. There should be a space where, if you land on it, you get to play the real Monopoly, but the bank is parent's wallet

  2. “I voted” card means you can take possession of someone else’s project lol that’s the best. That is exactly how “democratic” socialism works. Stealing from other people for your own benefit through state power.

  3. The player tokens should have been pets; pets that you eat later in the game to survive.

  4. Does anyone else notice this is actually based on communism? I'm not arguing for socialism. Just pointing that out.

  5. Wait! This game is actually well balanced and competitive!? Those rules are actually really coop for a parody edition!

  6. This is same kind of myopic observation that prompted Hasbro to release Monopoly for Millennials. Not surprised a massive corporation doesn't have a strong grasp of socialist theory.

  7. still WAYYYY better than the so-called trash " miss monboly "

  8. So to acquire projects, are you able to take from the community fund or must it be out of pocket?

  9. This seems kind of mean spirited, given Monopoly is a a game demonstrating the problems of…. you know… a monopoly.

  10. Should have another tax place on the board right after free parking “vehicle storage locations.”

  11. How many of each bill denomination should there be in this version? I bought a used one and bills are clearly missing.

  12. Watching this video made Ronald Reagan break into my house and inject me with AIDS…so I guess I gotta beg for healthcare now

  13. I’m a socialist and I’m very disappointed this is no longer in print. My comrades have no sense of humour.

  14. "winning Is for capitalist" this seems pro capitalist

  15. Socialism sucks this game is boring it removes the fun of the game

  16. its pronounced (keen-wah) not (quin-oh-a) but good how-to

  17. People still mistake communism and socialism.
    Anyway Monopoly and Monopoly Socialism are pisstakes on Capitalism and Communism respectively.
    And now that i think about it… Ms Monopoly might be actually a low key pastiche of feminism.

  18. Why do you lose if you go bankrupt? Wasn't that the idea of Socialism?

  19. I kinda wish they had an hammer and sickle

  20. Twitter doesn't like this game at all. I like the names of those projects because of how funny they are.

  21. They missed the chance to name the jail the gulag and they also missed the chance to name the bank the government

  22. ngl this actually looks fun and meme, I would play it

  23. Jail should be called Gulag, what a fail…

  24. You exercised your right to free speech. Advance directly to gulag Do not pass bread line Do not collect meager potato rations.

  25. This is pretty hilarious considering the original version of monopoly was actually pro socialism

  26. Dang! Co-op Monoply?! O.o

  27. We played this first like capitalists (competition), and it was weird. Then we played it again with a socialist mindset, wanting projects to succeed, not individually to win, and the community fund to increase. That changed everything! It really does push you to change your way of thinking. Interesting…

  28. Nice, is this better than Monopoly House Divided??

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