How To Play MONOPOLY Speed In 10 Minutes. -

How To Play MONOPOLY Speed In 10 Minutes.

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How To Play Monopoly Speed The Board Game in 10 Minutes?

Have you ever played a game of Monopoly that has lasted hours, days, months or even years. Has your last game of Monopoly even broken up your friendship? Well now you can play Monopoly Speed which encompasses an entire game of Monopoly in under ten minutes. People often invented their own house rules to play.

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Monopoly is a game of trading properties, bidding, auctioning for different properties all with the aim of trying to force the other players into bankruptcy. Love the feeling of landing on Mayfair, Park Lane, Pall Mall and Trafalgar Square and charging rent. Monopoly Speed takes those elements and squeezes it into a small time frame.

In this version of Monopoly, there are some rule changes including the introduction of a timer. Now there is a moving phase and a bidding or trading phase. Even the Chance and Community Chest cards have changed. The Chance cards now provide with some take that effects that help you to gain the properties that you need during the trading phase. The Community Chest cards now provide players with end game goals that they can strive for to earn extra cash at the end of the game.

So come and join me as I teach you how to play Monopoly as we review Monopoly Speed. Enjoy!

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  1. I would made maybe a houserule that all players should only moves their piece after everyone and trown their dice and if 2 or more players land on the same property than there if the choose to buy it or not but if 2 or players want to buy that property than there should be a auction where they bid for the property and the highest bider gets it but he/she must pay the price they bid.

  2. What are your thoughts on this version of Monopoly? Feel free to write your thoughts in the comments below! 🙂

  3. I hate monopoly! This version is slightly intriguing but sounds a bit too manic for my tastes. I'll skip it. But thanks for the review! I enjoy your reviews.

  4. To be honest I prefer those 8-10 hour monopoly games. Similar to risk and axis and allies my friends and I tend to enjoy the longer games unless the gameplay is stagnant. I doubt I’d play this version to be honest. Regardless, I dig your channel and try to watch when you upload new content. Keep making great videos man!

  5. This game feels forced to be fast which I think is dumb. The game of life is pretty long but I do get a lot of fun playing it

  6. Not so known as Monopoly, maybe later 🙂 Why not discouver that : This Wednesday at 4 p.m. (5pmCET) Amarna Mega bundle on Kickstarter! 1-5 players, competitive co-op, duo, legacy, 4X rpg and much more!

  7. POV your here because you weren’t bothered to read the manual

  8. How does the community chest and chance work?? I mean like how do we pick them??

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