How To Play Monopoly: Star Wars The Mandolorian Board Game (Hasbro 2020) -

How To Play Monopoly: Star Wars The Mandolorian Board Game (Hasbro 2020)

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How To Play Monopoly: Star Wars Mandolorian Board Game (Hasbro 2020)

NSPIRED BY THE TV SERIES: This Monopoly: Star Wars The Mandalorian edition board game is inspired by the The Mandalorian live-action TV series on Disney Plus
MONOPOLY TOKENS: The Mandalorian fans can play as a favorite character from the series: The Mandalorian, Cara Dune, IG-11, or Kuiil. Each character has a special ability depicted on their Character card
THE CHILD: When a player passes or lands on The Child’s space, (the character who fans call “Baby Yoda”) they take the Child token and can use their character’s ability plus The Child’s unique ability
BATTLE IMPERIAL ENEMIES: Includes an Incinerator Stormtrooper, Death Trooper, and Moff Gideon enemy tokens that can change gameplay and lead to battles. If an Imperial enemy gets The Child, game’s over
BUY HIDEOUTS: Buy hideouts and earn Imperial credits by charging rent

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  1. If i have to battle, can i also buy the property underneath (even though i didn't land on it through rolling the dice, i was stopped by stormtrooper)??

  2. I played this. Went around once. Defeated Moff Gideon. Game over. Am I missing something? This is way too quick

  3. What happens if two players have the same amount of credits at the end of the game?

  4. Is this a US version? The red incinerator trooper is a white stormtrooper in mine, and I have The Mandalorian, Boba Fett, Bo-Katan and Ahsoka playing pieces. Also properties are different

  5. When landing on Go to Jail with the child. Rules say: If you have the child, place it on the hideout you own. If you don't own any hideouts, leave the child on the go to jail space.Does this mean if I go to jail I can place the child on any hideout I own?

  6. grab 1 if you can another product soon to be pulled from the shelfs. some stores have put them up at 19.99 just to get rid of them

  7. So does kuil get hideouts for free if he lands on say a 10 credit hideout and uses his ability

  8. So the enemy moves when you land or pass the imperial advance?

  9. Nice video man, but what happens if you go to battle having the kid against a stormtrooper, and lose? The kid stay with you and do what says on the card?

  10. Do the imperial pieces stay where they are when they are defeated in a battle

  11. Played this last night and enjoyed the game play this version adds. It’s not just a re-skin version of the original game. The character ability and battle aspect makes this version stand out on its own. If your on the fence I say pick it up. Very fun.

  12. I like it ! They re-used a lot of the Mario System for Star Wars and it works great.

  13. So Moff Gideon only moves once one enemy card is left or if all hideouts have been purchased, what happens at that point ? You straightaway throw the dice to make his first move like you do with the other enemies when you step on the imperial advance ?

  14. Does this play well as a cooperative game? If we call it a cooperative win when Moff Gideon is defeated, or a cooperative loss when Grogu is taken? Or does it need the inter-player competition aspect to be interesting?

  15. Also, when you roll the silver die AFTER landing on IMPERIAL ADVANCE, the first move onto the board counts, for example. You roll a 4, theyll land on just visiting, free parking, or GO.
    ALSO, you CAN NOT pass an enemy. Example if you are 3 spots away from death trooper, you roll a 6…. your move ends at 3 and you must battle.

    Finally, after a battle, the enemy MUST be placed back on the nearest availabel imperial post (red circle)

  16. This is a super fun game. I usually hate playing Monopoly because it usually ends in yelling, but this was so much fun and oddly cooperative. The battling aspect was amazing too. I'd recommend this game to Star Wars fans for sure

  17. I would add some characters from the Star Wars hero clix games. Make it a bit more exciting.

  18. But if you land on go to jail and have to leave Baby Yoda the only enemy who could possible land on him would be Moff Gideo correct?

  19. According to the rules, you only move Moff Gideon later in the game according to either of two conditions. However, since Gideon doesn't move early on, when you try to pass him or land on him the first time around, you have to battle him. If you win, the game is over without making it around the board completely. First person getting there would likely have the child. So….unless we are missing something and playing totally wrong, the game ends without making it all the way around. Someone please help me if we are playing this incorrectly.

  20. If you pass moff gideon you have to battle him? Or do you just battle him when the stormtroopers' cards are gone?

  21. Quick question. There are cards like the locate asset that say "keep this card until you are ready to use it" does that mean you can use the card on someone else's turn. Or do you have to wait until it's your turn?

  22. Pertaining to the signet cards can you play them as instants on any players turn, or can you only play them on your own turn?

  23. The way the rules read you have to battle any Imperial you land on or pass and Moff Gideon sends you to jail if you lose or the game ends if you win. Since he doesn't move unless all the hideouts are sold or both troopers are down to the last battle card that means NOBODY can make it past him to collect the twenty credit bounty at GO or buy up the property that is on the other side of him.

    Whoever wrote the rules of this game never tested the game play because it can not be played as written.

    The way we play it is with these modifications to the rules.

    1. You only battle an Imperial if you land on his position or he lands on yours.

    2. If you win a battle with a trooper he is vanquished to the next empty Imperial fortress.

    3. Trooper battle cards remain in rotation and troopers are never removed from the game. This keeps the challenge of combat ever present in the game.

    4. If you land on an Imperial fortress and there is no Imperial present you roll the silver dice and it puts ALL Imperials in motion that distance.

    This keeps the Imperials constantly moving about the game table and creates a faster playing game.

    The only way the game ends is if someone defeats Moff Gideon or the Imperial forces capture the Child.

    You're welcome!

  24. Someone has the child and is on free parking, then someone else lands on free parking. Who gets the child when someone else lands on free parking while they are still there? Does the first person to leave claim the child or the person who most recently landed on free parking?

  25. Do have to battle an imperial…because it’s seems like you get stuck on moff in the beginning of the game and never make it around the board ?!

  26. What happens when you do a battle on the go to jail space? Do you go directly to jail after the battle?

  27. If you land on imperial advance or hyperdrive, and there is an imperial on the space do you still fight them, Or would you just do the spaces action, or would you do both?

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