How To Play Monopoly Stock Exchange Board Game (Waddingtons 2001) -

How To Play Monopoly Stock Exchange Board Game (Waddingtons 2001)

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How To Play Monopoly Stock Exchange Board Game (Waddingtons 2003)

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  1. So is this game worth a Monopoly collector getting? I’ve seen them going for big bucks online but the general reviews I’ve read weren’t crazy wild about it, it’s ranked very low on BGG. Is the addition of trading stocks interesting or does it slow down the game? I don’t want to pay a lot of money for a game that’s going to end up stacked in my closet.

  2. Can you Show me how many money i hvae to give someone and which money?

  3. Lol Imagine kids playing this edition….i can't;P

  4. We like Monopoly!
    I am unable to like your video!
    It's all over YouTube other channels!

  5. i am surprise that they use the us token pieces

  6. Does anyone know how to fix the console please? Only on/off seem to work

  7. So old!!😂 wonder which stocks would be in the board nowdays..

  8. Fifteen hundred million sounds so wrong…
    One thousand five hundred million sounds wrong too though.

  9. This version of monopoly is so much better, it's actually possible to win even if you're not lucky enough to get a monopoly or barely land on any unsold properties, as long as you trade successfully

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