How To Play Monopoly Super Electronic Banking Board Game (Hasbro) -

How To Play Monopoly Super Electronic Banking Board Game (Hasbro)

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How To Play Monopoly Super Electronic Banking Board Game (Hasbro)

Note: You can only sell back property if you still owe a debt after paying money.

GET REWARDS BACK: Choose your rewards! Each token in the Monopoly Super Electronic Banking board game has a matching bank card that offers a unique reward by performing a certain action in the game

BANKING UNIT: The Monopoly Super Electronic Banking board game features an all-in-one banking unit with tap technology that makes gameplay faster than the classic Monopoly game

FLIGHT SPACES: Instead of purchasing railroads in this edition of the Monopoly game, players can choose to take a flight to any property on the gameboard

GET INTO TRADING SPACES: Land on a Forced Trade space? Choose any property and immediately trade it for your choice of any other player’s property


GREAT FAMILY GAME: This Monopoly board game is fun for families and kids ages 8 and up. Get together for family game night and watch kids enjoy being in charge of their own banking card
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  1. Mines not working it's not making sound i have changed the batteries too

  2. Bad things is when card reader broke, you never cant play it anymore

  3. How do you sell propetys?? And also thanks for the video i just got the game and you helped me cause i didnt know how to play

  4. when you land on force trade do u have to trade one of ur properties?

  5. I just bought this version of monopoly from AEON (a mall in malaysia). Thanks for the tutorial! I was super confused with the auction thingy.

  6. Can you move to a force trade if you land on the flight space?

  7. U know the calculator looking like thing the black one those it need batteries

  8. Thank u so much for this video i have been trying to understand this game ever since I bought it and thanks to the tutorial i understand it now

  9. I recommend playing then Voice Banking version to make it even easier to understand playing this version of Super Electric Banking version because its super similar except the flying to any space parts

  10. Some of y’all really need to learn, to read the instructions lmao, asking questions that the game tells you how.

  11. I had this game for 4 months and it hasn’t been opened ever since.

  12. Your video made it so easy to understand and follow!! My family and I had a blast playing this game. Thank you for posting this. 👍

  13. Hello, could you tell me about how long the batteries last in the card reader?

  14. How on Earth do you sell a property back to the bank?

  15. Hello, a question, I have the same monopoly that you use in the video, but my friend has the old one, in the game of her, at the auction, when you finish it has to give the money to the person who auctioned it, when I buy the new one, I can not do it, I can not give the money to the person who auctioned it, is it normal? Is that how it's designed? Because if it is, it wouldn't make sense to auction, because they're not going to give you money, it would do me a lot of good for your help.

  16. Great video! My friend told the old versions of the game when it comes to trade you should convince the other player. For this game when I read the instruction it is forced trade so whatever the card I chose the other play should have to give it, right? Or should I convince he/she?

  17. How do you reset the game? I can’t turn off this annoying sound unless I take out the batteries

  18. 𝚂𝚕𝚎𝚎𝚙𝚒𝚗𝚐𝚜𝚣𝚊 says:

    I just got this . And I need help and this helped

  19. Does it come with batteries in it because mine won’t turn on and I can’t open it to put new batteries in

  20. When you land on the flight space and move to the property you want. How do you notify the banking unit of the new card?

  21. What if the opponent doesn't wanna do a forced trade ?

  22. I just got this and the machine is working just fine in our first rounds however, half way the game, the machine added money on our accounts and it blinks and we can't press any botton, what do i do?

  23. Is this one better or the cheater one, need to choose between them. Time doesn’t matter and I don’t find it to hard take care of money but the cheater version I feel like the people I’m playing with won’t recognize when I’m cheating!

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