How to play Monopoly Super Electronic Banking -

How to play Monopoly Super Electronic Banking

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Learn the rules to the board game Monopoly Super Electronic Banking quickly and concisely – This video has no distractions, just the rules.

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The object of the game is to have the most money when the last property is purchased. Layout the board then shuffle the chance deck and place it face down on the board. Place the title deed cards next to their corresponding property space around the board. Each player choses a token and takes its matching bank card and reference card. Your reference card will indicate the exclusive rewards you can receive throughout the game. Each player places their token on Go.

There is no paper money, all finances are handled by the banking unit. Press any button on the banking unit to turn it on. To reset the unit to start a new game, press and hold the X and M until the unit for 5 seconds until the unit turns off. Then press any button it turn it on, ready for a new game. Each player taps their bank card to the banking unit. Whenever you tap a card you will hear a sound. If you don’t hear a sound, then it didn’t work and you will need to tap that card again.

Once all the players have tapped their bank cards and are ready, press the check mark and the game will begin, giving each player $1500. The youngest player goes first, then play proceeds clockwise. On your turn, roll the die and move your piece that many spaces clockwise around the board then perform the actions indicated by the space you are on. If you land on an unowned property you may buy it. Tap the property card then your bank card. The cost of the property, which is listed on its space on the board, will be automatically deducted from your account.

If you don’t want to buy a property then you must auction it. Press the M button until the auction icon appears then tap the property and press the check. The bidding starts at 10 and increases in increments of 10. To bid, press the M button and read out the new total of the bid. When the time runs out, the winner of the auction taps their bank card to pay.

If you don’t have enough money to buy a property the banking unit will make this sound… and the transaction will be cancelled. In an auction, the other players will need to redo the auction. If no player wants to bid, then the property remains where it is.

When you land on a property that another player owns, you need to pay them rent if they ask for it. To pay them, tap the property then tap your bank card. The amount due will be automatically deducted.

If you land on or pass go, press the M button until the arrow icon then tap your bank card to receive $200. If you land on chance, draw the top card from the chance deck, read it aloud, do what it says, then tap it. Then tap your bank card to pay or collect money, if another player is needed to collect money with you, then they will tap their card after you. If you land on free parking or just visiting then nothing happens.

If you land on a flight space, you may choose to pay $100 to move to any PROPERTY space on the board. If you don’t want to pay and move, then do nothing. Otherwise, press the M button until the flight icon appears and then tap your bank card. If you pass Go, do not collet $200.

You are not allowed to trade in the game. Instead, the only way to trade If you land on the forced trade space. When you land here, you may choose any one of your properties and trade it for any opponent’s property that you choose. However, you may not trade for a property that is a part of a complete colored set. To trade, press the M button until the forced trade icon appears, then tap the title deed you want from another player followed by the property you are giving them. Then each player places their new property in front of themselves.


  1. Who goes first?
    The youngest player goes first.

  2. Thx for the help now I can play with my familly and friends.

  3. When will we play 5D Monopoly with Time Travel?

  4. This is actually pretty good at least for stopping cheating.

  5. …The background of the spaces on the board is like the 01 code

  6. If all else fails…..tap your bank card.

  7. I've heard of regular electronic banking.
    But not super

  8. Just play the Monopoly video game at that point

  9. Basically the first person who buy flights to the most expensive properties always end up winning .

  10. i wanna see a version of this with a proper monopoly board but just with the bank cards.
    it makes it impossible to cheat money from the bank when no one is looking.

  11. I wish they made the classic Monopoly, but with electronic banking. I don't like the way this one plays out that much.
    Electronic banking by itself would make the game quicker and more fluid by accelerating transactions, but without oversimplefying it.

  12. i like the fact hasbro is putting as much technology as possible but not to much so that it could be a board game.

  13. Why would you buy this when you could just play the far superior NES version? I get that not everyone has an NES, but still!

  14. Pick the plane ✈️ fly to the most expensive property win the game 🏆

  15. This looks like a game you can easily cheat

  16. Every cards must pushed to their remote when used right?

  17. Rules almost same,except the remote and cards

  18. I think I prefer the version of electronic banking they used to advertise in the UK. It was basically a card reader, but I do think you being able to enter specific values definitely helped.

  19. The first Monopoly Electronic I bought was amazing it worked like a card reader and you added or subtracted money depending on the action. The game play of this Monopoly Super Electronic Banking is weird, a shorter version of a regular monopoly since it's only 2 color set per area unlike the original 3 properties. Say bye to the train stations now it's a move anywhere slot and it creates some bizarre games that me and my family just couldn't agree with and got bored of it. We just went back to the original Monopoly.

  20. I think this is much better then cash I feel like this should get a travel version since I always louse the money for that version very fast

  21. This is a step forward for Monopoly but it is much more quicker and streamlined playing on PC or Smartphone App assuming all players have the same app and device, you don't have to worry about moving any pieces, it worked well for Chess in the same manner

  22. My friends in the dorm played monopoly the same way, but replaced all money with 4 calculators

  23. Super Electronic Banking except your tired father has to forcibly join the match with a calculator as the banking unit

  24. they call it “super electronic banking” when it’s literally a calculator

  25. Thank u I love this vid it really helps and I’m going to buy that game

  26. Technically, the machine can't distinguish who bids or who the winner of the auction is, it just keeps track of the price and takes from whoever uses their card. Therefore, it is technically possible to set up an auction, bid several times so the price gets really, really high and then steal another player's card to use it and make them suffer. Of course, you're probably gonna end the game and lose a few friends along the way.

  27. the fact that they keep changing the win conditions and end conditions of monopoly tells me that they know the problems with charlie darrow's game, and yet they continue selling the original

  28. This is just a combo of a different electronic bank monopoly game and monopoly don’t fool me monopoly

  29. Combine this with the cheaters edition, you now can secretly cheat by using someone else's bank card somehow or undoing the previous transaction thing or whatever

  30. ‘Me trying to offer my mom Baltic avenue for boardwalk’ her: ‘😑’ declines trade

  31. A variant of this game that I came up with:
    If you pass GO using the flight space, collect $200.
    You can trade once per turn after moving and/or when forced to do so.

  32. Before they make a monopoly: the sequel, first they need to fix the Playstation5 version of monopoly.
    It crashes and freezes every 10 goddam seconds.

  33. do you have to trade if you land on the space or can you choose not to

  34. What if the device broken? Will it be hard to play?

  35. It it were Hasbro, I can bet they would do horrible games like still manufacturing Monopoly.

  36. what happens if u land on forced trade and no one has properties yet

  37. There aren't as many properties? I fail to see why this isn't the full size of the original game 😒

  38. Is the super electronic banking better or ultimate banking?

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