How To Play Monopoly: Super Mario Celebration Edition Board Game -

How To Play Monopoly: Super Mario Celebration Edition Board Game

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How To Play Monopoly: Super Mario Celebration Edition Board Game
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  1. I have a question, I hope you can answer this as I’m a little late lol.How exactly does the buying property work?Like let’s say I have a color set, can I automatically add 2 peach castles(1 on each location) or do I have to build up little by little like 1 toad house per location, then upgrade to 2 toad houses per location then 3, then 4 and then I can get the castle?

  2. Probably I'm the only one didn't understand anything, so confused to me 😭😭😭😭

  3. The fact that they changed the currency of big values to coins looks like a smart decision.

  4. Me And my Mum Play this And When We get to The Collect 2 Bit Immediately after We land On that Pirahna Plant.

  5. Hello! Do you support making amateur PC programs based on board games you are reviewing?

  6. I didn’t pay attention while you were talking because you’re talking in that tone of voice that’s like you’re depressed or forced to do this

  7. Can I buy more than 1 toad house at the same time if I get a color set?

  8. I like the concept of this game but We should be able to have more money than 5 coins each. My wife and I struggled very early in the game due to owing alot to each other or the bank and had to keep a notepad and pen handy to have an IOU tally. Plus, the 1 dice is not enough especially normal Monopoly has 2 dice. the penalties for the question block is too harsh. 10 coins for "game over" When you have no coins or have only a few coins each.

  9. Okay, I'm a little new with this, 😅so passing the GO space, and not just landing on it, is what earns a player their 2 coins,advancing to a space is different from landing on a space, as you don't do what is stated on that space,the coins shown on unowned property spaces are the coins a player pays to buy them, and then become what other players must pay for landing on them afterwards,when selling things the other players, like a "Get out of Jail Free" card; the player selling to the other player can sell for any price they want,a player that'll never have the coins to leave jail without being able to fulfill any of the alternatives can never be set free,and so by building evenly: A player owning the same color property set can't choose to buy 1, or more toad house(s) for that 1 space of property if they can't afford the same amount of toad houses for the other property of that same color.I'm I having correct assumptions? 🤔

  10. I must got it from target it was the last one I think but I'm starting to open it after my dinner

  11. Pieces are great. Both the tokens and the buildings. I like the board art too. Whenever this inevitably goes on clearance at the big box store I’ll have to pick it up.

  12. Can you do a video on how to play monopoly super mario bros

  13. Can you do all my requests monopoly super mario bros monopoly the lion king please?

  14. Can you also do monopoly here and now and monopoly here and now the world edition please?

  15. Yo buddy, I'm hoping that one day you could review the Stock Exchange variant (Not the Add-On) from 2001. I think it was the first time they change gameplay mechanics in Monopoly as how they do now.

  16. I decided to mess with this and I came up with a Monopoly Gamer integration ruleset.
    1: Play with character pieces as normal, with power up dice. Follow the rules on the dice as usual.
    2: Treat the Chain Chomp and Piranha Plant spaces as Drop 2, and not Pay 2.
    3: Every player has a coin, tails side up. When you get a community chest, you can choose to draw a card. If you don’t draw a card, flip your coin to heads.
    4: If you have a coin in front of you that has heads, you may flip it over to tails side, and use your Star ability – except you may not roll your powerup dice that turn if you do.
    5: Koopa kid cards are optional. If you do use them, Bowser Jr does not end the game.
    6: Coin block is optional. If you are not using it, use it as a normal coin block from Gamer.
    7, extra rule: Peach can only collect base value of rent with her Star ability.

  17. Trivia:

    The Super Mario franchise turned 35 in 2020.

    The Monopoly franchise itself turned 85 years in 2020.

    If you add 1900 to either 35 or 85, and then subtract that result from 2000, the result is equal to the year the Super Mario and the Monopoly franchises have respectively debuted.

  18. Jeffrey scarbrough Board Games&Geek things says:

    Saw it at Wal-Mart but they won't 30$ for it so I'm like no thanks right now

  19. I've played the Mario Monopoly Gamer version. I liked how it sped up the game but I feel it removes too much of the strategy, you can't even buy houses/hotels or mortgage your properties. I've had my eye on this version, especially since it's a tie in with the 35th anniversary of the original Super Mario Bros release.

  20. Does this mean that it is possible to lose on the first turn

  21. Great video! I want to buy this game. Looks fun 🙂

  22. It is five 5 coins and 5 1 coins 🪙 total of 30 coins to start

  23. The goody Hampton Napoli game so Mom going to take his phone cuz I'm making you didn't want me to take it to school Alvin plays tomorrow and then put it back all up and I can see how to play the okay from you

  24. I have a question PLEASE ANSWER
    So me and my bfs family love to play this game but we’re all of different pages when it comes to the “pay 1 coin per toad house and 2 coins per Peach’s castle you own” community chest card. So the rule on the property cards is when you have both properties of the same color you are then allowed to buy Toad houses for your property/s. If you buy 4 toad houses for the property you are then allowed to buy a peaches castle. Now the instructions to the game say when you buy the Peach’s castle you then take the 4 toad houses off your property and REPLACE them with 1 peach castle which increases rent sufficiently. So this is where the problem enters the room lol when you pick up the community chest card I mentioned do you pay for all 4 toad houses you previously had on the property as well and the 1 peach’s castle you now have there or would you pay for just the peach’s castle?

  25. Played this with my nephews & nieces. It's really fun and it's quicker too.

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