How to play Monopoly The Mandalorian -

How to play Monopoly The Mandalorian

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Learn the rules to the board game Monopoly the Mandalorian quickly and concisely – This video has no distractions, just the rules.

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The object of the game is to protect the child and have the most credits at the end. Layout the board and place each hideout card next to its corresponding space around the board. There is no cash but instead imperial credits. Copper is worth 10 credits and gold is worth 50. Give each player 5 copper and 2 gold credits. Shuffle the signet cards and place them face down on the board. Place the child on just visiting and its character card nearby. Place the Red incinerator stormtrooper here, the black death trooper here, and the grey moff Gideon here. Place Moff’s enemy card here. Sort the enemy cards, and arrange them in sequence from 1 to 4 with 1 on top. Use cards from the top for each player, for example 1 through 3 for a 3 player game, and place each pile next to Moff’s card on the board. Each player chooses a token and matching character card, and places their token on go. Pick a player to go first then play proceeds clockwise.

On your turn if you have the child, roll the green die. If you do not have the child roll the silver die. Then move your token exactly that many spaces clockwise around the board and perform the action based on where you land. If you land on or pass the child, take it with you around the board. Also, take its character card and place it in front of you. If any other player lands on or passes you, they take the child from you.

If you land on an unowned hideout you may buy it from the bank for the price listed on the board and put the hideout in front of you, or you must auction it. The auction starts at 10 credits and increases in increments as little as 10. The highest bidder pays the bank and puts the hideout in front of them.

If you land on a hideout that another player owns, the owner must ask you for rent. If they do, then you pay them the price indicated on the hideout card based on whether they own both hideouts in a colored set or not. If they fail to ask for rent by the time the next player rolls the die, then you do not have to pay.

When you land on or pass go, collect 20 credits from the bank. When you land on Imperial advance, roll the silver die and move the incinerator stormtrooper and death trooper tokens out of their imperial outposts and clockwise that many spaces clockwise around the board. These tokens do not take actions based on where they land. Once all the hideouts have been purchased or if there is only one incinerator stormtrooper or death trooper card left in their respective deck, then you move the Moff Gideon token in the same way. You may never have more than one imperial enemy token on the same space, if you do, move the token that didn’t begin the turn on an imperial outpost (faded ghost effect) one space forward. If an enemy lands on the same space or passes the child while it is alone on the board, then the game ends and everyone loses.

If you land on a signet space, draw the top signet card from the deck. If the card tells you to keep it until you’re ready to use it, you may do so, otherwise immediately do what it says then return it to the bottom of the deck. There is no limit to how many signet cards you may have or how many you can use in a single turn.

If you land on a hyperspace jump space, immediately move to the next unowned hideout and you may buy it. If there are no unowned hideouts, move to the next hyperspace jump space and end your turn. If you pass go, collect 20 credits. If you pass an Imperial enemy, do not battle. If you pass the child, you may not take it.

If you land on imperial credits, collect 30 credits from the bank. If you land on free parking and you do not have the child, then you take the child from wherever it is. If you land on just visiting after the child has been taken, then nothing happens.

If you land on jail, go immediately to jail and go not collect 20 credits for passing go. If you have the child, place it on any hideout you own. If you don’t own any hideouts, leave the child on the go to jail space. While you are in jail, you can still collect rent, bid on auctions, and trade. To get out of jail you may pay 50 credits at the start of your next turn to roll and move like normal. Or you can roll a 6. If you do, then use that roll to move. If you don’t roll a 6 by your 3rd turn in jail, then you are released for free and move your token to the just visiting space and end your turn.

Each character has a 2 unique abilities that may be used throughout the game. Their standard ability is always in effect, and when you have the child you get to use an enhanced ability instead…


  1. The fact that you cannot trade baby Yoda is a bit ironic to the series

  2. There's way more Monopoly variations than I thought.

  3. We hope you will do the millennials edition

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  5. It’s been 6 days since you posted, are you okay?

  6. Monopoly City and Monopoly Millionaire please.

  7. "if you have the child" the phrase "The Child" is always capitilazed

  8. Dude, you’re worrying some of us sick. Are you gonna do another how to play soon? We have lots of other requests here.

  9. And after the Imperials moved for the first time, when did they move again?

  10. Imperial token: exist
    IG-11 with Child: "Your free trial of living has ended"

    Someone: Pay the rent
    Mandalorian with Child: "No, I don't think I will"

    Bank: ok the hideout is 30 credits
    Kuiil with Child: "It's free real estate"

    Cara Dune: Stonks
    Cara Dune with Child: Mega stonks

  11. Isn't there normal star wars edition too? Is it as rediculous as this one?

  12. Bought shark notebook..not this one. I dont do moon . Sky military

  13. Love how everything is Star Wars themed except “jail” and “free parking”

  14. They should have put Beskar in the game and made it worth 200 credits

  15. OK but why does the Credit symbol look like a 7?

  16. I've been working on a "single player" ruleset. The changes are as follows:
    Start the game with only one enemy card of each type. Moff Gideon is in play from the start.
    After each turn, roll the green die and move the Child accordingly. The Child obeys spaces just like you do, with a few exceptions.
    The Child may own Hideouts and pay rent on yours. The Child's Credits are lumped together with the bank's.
    If you don't buy a Hideout when the opportunity arises, the Child takes it.
    If you have the Child at the start of its turn, roll both dice. If you get doubles or if the green die outranks the silver die, move the Child clockwise to the next Hideout it owns. If it doesn't have any, move it to the nearest Outpost instead. In either case, immediately let it roll and move as normal.
    If an enemy passes you while you have the Child, the Child will follow them until they stop moving.
    If the Child lands on Free Parking or draws a Locate the Asset card, move to its location and take the Child. You may not pass Go or battle enemies on the way.
    If the Child lands on Imperial Credits, give the bank 30 Credits.
    If the Child lands on Imperial Advance, use the green die to move the enemies. If there is an enemy on the adjacent Outpost, do not move it.
    If the Child lands on Go to Jail, place it on any of your Hideouts. If you have none, place it on Just Visiting.
    Nothing happens when the Child passes Go or an enemy.
    Strike a Deal and Double Cross cards must be used or discarded immediately.
    If the Child has any Armour Upgrade or Whistle Like a Bird cards, they may be used when battling with the Child, but not when battling without it.
    If the Child is about to be captured by an enemy and it has an Armour Upgrade or Whistle Like a Bird card, the Child may battle in the same way as a player, but using only the green die. If the Child wins, move the enemy to the next unoccupied Outpost.
    If Moff Gideon is defeated, collect rent from all your Hideouts, plus 100 Credits if you had the Child at the end. Count up your Credits, and try to aim for a new high score.

  17. I can bring you in warm or I can bring you in cold

  18. 1:57 Hold up, that's not a credit symbol.

    (that being said, is the credit symbol even in Unicode?)

  19. 7:07
    Imagine this rule: If you still can’t raise the funds, then you are bankrupt, and out of the game. Give all of your hideouts and your Signet cards to the creditor. If you owe the bank, the hideouts are immediately auctioned off, and put the signet cards back to the deck.

  20. So you’re saying if IG-11 has the Whispering signet card along with The Child he instantly kills Moff Gideon when landing on him? Even when rolling snake eyes.

  21. Don't know it this video helped to play the game or not, but it does look fun.

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  23. How dare you say a 900 year old yoda is a child ???

  24. When you land on a owned hideout due to the enemy being in that space not due to the number of moves shown on the dice, do you still have to pay rent? And after the battle do you continue the to move to complete the number rolled in the dice before the battle?

  25. They made this so different from normal Monopoly, but they still have Mr Monkey Man in jail.

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