How To Play Monopoly The Mega Edition Board Game (2010) -

How To Play Monopoly The Mega Edition Board Game (2010)

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Quick notes:

Bus tickets that are used or out of play.

If you roll Mr. Monopoly and all other properties are mortgaged, do nothing.

A quick review on how to play the board game Mega Monopoly. This video talks about the additions this version has and the rules that go with them. Subscribe to keep up with all the latest reviews and game hunts! #boardgame #megamonopoly
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  1. I counted the properties correctly, there are 37 properties.

  2. So is this just a larger go nowhere take forever Monopoly? We finally tried our U build set and didnt like. The plastic "track" wont stay together,houses fall over,rules are hard to understand so we boxed it back up.

  3. Are all megas the same?I am watching a used copy on ebay. Reason I am asking is because I just noticed a huge difference in a Parker bros Spongebob monopoly and the Hasbro version.Hasbro uses only 4 cheap plastic tokens plus the board has fewer spaces. PBs is full sized uses 6 metal tokens and is much better.

  4. If you roll doubles, it voids the speed die.

  5. Why do we get cheated on the money? I play with 8 and there is not enough money to go around so we gotta do change constantly its makes the game take way longer.

  6. What if you use a bus ticket to go to a chance space (or community chest space).

  7. So if there is 4 depots,4 railways and 1 is allowed on each no depot shortages

  8. What happens if I land on "go to jail" and I also rolled a mr monopoly? Do I get it of jail and mice to the next space?

  9. You should show monoply jackpot board game.

  10. Hello, Board Games Museum! I just got my Mega Monopoly game board and through reading the rules, there are still some questions in my mind that needs to be clarified. I hope you reconsider answering my questions because I love to play Monopoly and having Mega Monopoly is quite very new to me so I need clarifications… My questions are:

    *First, it says in the rules that you can already build houses and hotels (but not skyscrapers yet) whenever you own atleast 3 properties in one color set (at least 2 on colors brown and blue). There goes my problem… If you just got the 4th property from another player (let's say through buying that property or through trading) and I have owned 3 properties let's say on the orange site and I've already built hotels on each of the 3 properties… Do you really have to sell these hotels back to the bank at half-price in order to get houses and re-distribute them considering the even-building rule? Or will you just add up houses on it little by little until it will upgrade to hotels for you to build skyscrapers? With regards to my first question of selling these hotels to get houses, what if there is no enough houses left for you to build? Will you be forced to sell these hotels then you end up with no houses/hotels left on your properties considering the even-building rule?

    *Second, will you still use the speed die when landing on utility? Or will you just use the two white dice?

    *Third, since Bus Tickets are used in place of rolling the dice and it says in the card that you move forward to ANY space on this side of the board, (let's say you are in Reading Railroad but you want to move to Mediterranean? Will you just stick what says in the card that you move FORWARD? That means, you're only allowed to move to the skyblue properties, or the gas company or in the 'just visiting' section?

    *Fourth, there is a new space called "AUCTION" space… What if ALL the properties are owned and there are still no houses/hotels built, then you land on this space, so you move forward to the highest rent, right? That means, you move forward directly to Boardwalk? What if there are houses built in the color red site which another player owns, let's say 3 houses on Michigan Avenue, so obviously, the rent is much higher than Boardwalk which still has no houses… In which property will you be moving? We all know that Boardwalk has the highest rent considering the value shown on its card (so that includes the rent of houses/hotels/skyscrapers when built on that property)… If that's the case, when there are already hotels/skycrapers built on Boardwalk, and when a player lands on Auction space, so he/she will be moving directly to Boardwalk? What if when a player who owns Boardwalk lands on auction space, so he/she is safe on paying its rent? Or will he/she moves to the second highest rent (that he/she doesn't own) in which he/she will need to pay? Let's say the green ones that has already hotels/skyscrapers on it, which has much higher rent than the rest of the color sets?

    "Please reply as soon as possible! I really need your answers for further clarifications. Btw, sorry for the grammar. Have a good day ahead, tho! :)"

  11. Hello, Board Game Museum! I wanna ask again… What if you don't have enough money for you to build a hotel on the 4th property you just acquire from another player? Considering the even-building rule, so you really have to break down your hotels into houses… What if there are no enough houses left? I'm very confused. I hope you can answer. 🙂

  12. So that's the strategy, am I right? So when the 4th property to complete your color set is in another player but you want to have it yet there are no houses or hotels left so it is your choice to get it or not from him/her yet you know there are still no houses/hotel available, right? Because if you really want to get it from him/her so you really need to sell at half price (let's say) your hotels on each 3 properties that you have… considering the even-building rule so you end up with no houses or hotels on your properties, right? So the best way to do is you must've to wait for available houses or hotel first before you get the 4th property from another player… Well, the even-building rule is the only problem here hahaha. Anyway, thank you for giving time answering my questions, I'm subscribing… 🙂

  13. One more question. What if you owned Boardwalk with a Skyscraper (so you are considered to have the highest rent among players) then you land on the AUCTION space. Is that mean you are safe, so you only move forward to your own property which is Boardwalk, right? Or you move forward to another player's property that has the second highest rent let's say in the green site which is Pennsylvania Avenue with a Skyscraper in which you'll need to pay? Because if that's the case so the player who owns Boardwalk will be very lucky? Please, I also need clarification on this. Anyway, thanks for answering! 🙂

  14. What if you're the one who owned the property which has the highest rent? Then you land on auction space?

  15. Last question. Since you just acquired the 4th property from another player and you chose not to build houses/hotel on that property, is it okay that you will mortgage it? Anyway you have your 3 properties with you which you can already build houses/hotels on it. Yet it is said in the rules that you must sell all your houses/hotels in order for you to mortgage a property? I thought about this for awhile.

  16. Thank you so much, Board Game Museum, for giving time answering my questions! Now I can play Monopoly Mega with my friends at peace. Haha. You're the best! 😊😍

  17. I used to play the Original version with my Grandma but I haven't been able to go play with my Grandma because she passed away this year 2018 on Sunday January 7th

  18. I don’t have Mega Monopoly I used to play the Original Monopoly with my Grandma Melva but I had to Stop Playing Monopoly Because On January 7th Of this year 2018 my Grandma passed away.

  19. I would love to have this. Recently my friends don't want to play monopoly with me. I can tell it's because I win alot. I feel like if I had this, it would be a new challenge to try and learn then master this new monopoly

  20. 2018, "I got this version at Toys R Us, You can probably still get it" me: "HA TOYS R US XD"

  21. These are very good reviews.
    You convinced me to buy this game and it was 50$ but it was definitely worth it. It adds on lots of things that the other monopolys didn't have.
    Recommend this game to anyone.

  22. It should be called as supercharged monopoly

  23. Hi would you please send a video from antimonopolys game cards


  25. Do you have to buy the property you land on with the mr. Monopoly

  26. Do you use bus tickets instead of dice roll

  27. So you only need 3 properties of the same color to begin putting houses or hotels, but you must need all four to put skyscrapers? And with the monopolies that only have 3 properties (like Mediterranean and Boardwalk) you can put houses, hotels AND skycrapers?

  28. Why doesn't hasbro add this version and the cheater version as dlc to the ps4/Xbox one…

  29. Are the utilities considered a property?

  30. Why would they change the color of the first properties to brown? That's the British color!

  31. Is this original because there is no hasbro logo

  32. monopoly is the best, idc what other people say like oh it’s too long, THE LONGER THE FUN!!!

  33. Can you use a bus ticket on the turn in which you receive it.

    For example if I roll 5 on the normal dice and bus ticket with the speed dice CAN I THEN USE MY BUS TICKET STRAIGHT AWAY.

    It caused a major row in my household the other day lol

  34. How to buy sky scraper? is it 2 hotel plus cash amount of 1 house OR 1 hotel plus cash amount of 1 house?

  35. Someone must be preparing to have a broken game after they play this for the first time

  36. If you role a 3 in total and land on the go to jail space with mr monopoly man what happens. Do you stay in jail for 3 rounds and then move to the next unowned property or just go to jail like normal I don’t know please help.

  37. Hello, i want to know if i have multiple train stations and one of the depots on a station how does this work

  38. Sorry, What are the width and length measurements of that monopoly?

  39. far too easy to build skyscrapers on the brown and light blue side, they should at least double in price considering the rent doubles pretty much :/ the price is almost 9 times out of 10 too high to be paid and whoever owns those when me and my friends play always win as we all end up with no money to stand a chance of building on our colour sets!

    A new house rule for us I think would be charge a little bit more for the skyscrapers!

  40. What if a I have bus ticket, can I use it before I roll the dice or after? It doesn’t matter?

  41. Can the bus tickets that never expire be used more than once

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