How To Play Monopoly The Mega Edition Board Game (2010) -

How To Play Monopoly The Mega Edition Board Game (2010)

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Quick notes:

Bus tickets that are used or out of play.

If you roll Mr. Monopoly and all other properties are mortgaged, do nothing.

A quick review on how to play the board game Mega Monopoly. This video talks about the additions this version has and the rules that go with them. Subscribe to keep up with all the latest reviews and game hunts! #boardgame #megamonopoly
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  2. Great video thanks for sharing I was always curious about this variant. Would like to see your "clarifications" maybe with on screen text instead of re recorded voice over. Please consider! Thanks

  3. Great review – quick and painless! *) Thanks!

  4. tactic: if you have a monopoly and all properties are owned, mortgage everything except for your best monopoly (varies depending on # people playing), and build up. when others roll a monopoly man, watch the $ come rolling in.

  5. My question is why is the speed die blue? I know it was blue when it first came out in the mid 2000s, But by 2009 which was long before this edition of the mega edition came out it was red, But for some reason in this particular edition it remained blue

  6. Things you missed:
    – If Bus Tickets are played or if they expire, they go to the bank, not the deck.
    – If you roll a Mr. Monopoly on the Speed Die and all of the other players' properties are mortgaged, do nothing.

  7. I counted the properties correctly, there are 37 properties.

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