How to play Monopoly Travel World Tour -

How to play Monopoly Travel World Tour

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Learn the rules to the board game Monopoly Travel World Tour quickly and concisely – This video has no distractions, just the rules. For a refresher of the original rules of Monopoly, check out this video:

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The rules are the same as regular monopoly except for these changes. The object of the game is to be the first player to stamp 4 destination goals. Layout the board and wipe off any dry erase marker from previous play. Place the golden ticket on free parking. Properties are replaced by destinations. On each destination is a travel goal. When you end a move on a travel goal, you get to stamp that space on the board. If ever you own the destination for a travel goal, then at the start of your turn, you may travel to that space for free, stamp it, then roll and continue your turn as normal. Only 1 player can stamp each location on the board. If the destination is already stamped, it may not be stamped again.

The community chest deck has been replaced by travel Journal cards. When you draw one, stamp it. These stamps are permanent and will affect future games. You may not stamp a card beyond the number of circles available. The first player to land on free parking gets to collect the golden ticket. If you have the golden ticket, then at anytime during your turn you can trade in the golden ticket to the bank to move anywhere on the board. The golden ticket may only be used once per game. While in jail you can still follow the rules on travel journal cards. There are 2 types of flight spaces. If you land on the local flight, then you may pay $100 to travel to any destination before the next flight space. If you land on long distance flight, then you can pay 200 to move to any destination on the board.

If ever you don’t have enough money to pay, you are not eliminated. Pay what you have then continue playing. The first player to stamp 4 destinations, wins.


  1. This game is a fun idea, but there's just so much against it. Namely, the stamping. Why is it that the stamps on the cards are permanent, yet the ones on the board are not? It's the same stamp!

  2. You can get one of these at Ollie’s for $5, guess it didn’t sell well

  3. The only art I don’t like is how stamping those cards are permanent

  4. We’re goin’ to a trip, of a rocket ship, through to the skies, Monopoly Einstein’s

  5. Hello early birds! Btw The tutorial is very easy to follow and got me playing another Monopoly game. Keep up the good work!

  6. Can the stamps ever be erased or is this a one use?

  7. One time monopoly does not exist. It will not scare you.

    One time monopoly:

  8. I hate those game you can play a limited amount of time

  9. This board games are kinda a scam… "one ride only"

  10. Thanks, I was really curious about the stamping

  11. “The Community Chest deck has been replaced by Travel Journal cards.”
    alright, that’s reasonable
    “When you draw one, stamp it.”
    okay, as long as you could wipe it off like the board…
    “These stamps are permanent…”
    “…and will affect future games.”

  12. Nobody:
    Hasbro: anybody fancies limited-use board game?

  13. wouldn't the travel journals become useless after a couple of games

  14. Who just watches it to see how many variations ther are

  15. Next pokemon videos: 'legends cards' 'gym trainer pokemon' 'single strike, rapid strike, fusion strike' and 'dark pokemon'

  16. amazing, they found a way to add planned obsolescence to monopoly

  17. Another great tutorial, do these game people pay you though, if not they should, I'll bet they sell quite a few games because your videos make the rules clear so that people on the fence about buying them realize the game is pretty cool so they go and buy a copy.

    The only weird things with this game is the "Travel destinations cannot get more than one stamp" rule, you would think each space on the board would have a unique travel goal…with 28 properties, I mean Destinations, and with each one having a travel goal, that should lead to 14 pairs, even if for example "Friend's Couch" tells you your goal is to travel to New York, but not the other way around (New York tells you your goal is a place other than Friend's Couch)

    Still, was on the fence with this one (sort of becoming meh with Monopoly but love to travel) but as I said in the start of this post, they just made a sale thanks to your video.

  18. I think the game is really clever, though I don't understand the implications of owning the destinations vs stamping the travel goals. It sounds like it should be super easy to win for the first player in four turns, but I realize it mustn't be that simple

  19. What are you supposed to do when your journal is full?

  20. I seriously dislike legacy games like this where decisions from past games affect current ones, like the UNO game which has instructions to destroy certain cards after using them.

  21. Huh, I was hoping that using colored tokens rather than stamps. Over time, the stamps can run out of ink or the the surfaces of the cards & boards might leave some permanent stains.

  22. My Variation:
    Use a Paper to note which places and Travel Journal you have stamped.
    A Golden Ticket can substitute for any flight Spaces. You must land on a Flight space if you want to use it. This allows you to perform travels for free, but rules on travels are same as said on video. After using the Gold Ticket, it’s placed back on Free Parking, so it’ll be available for the next player who lands on free parking.
    The game lasts 20 turns. If all players cannot get 4 stamped destinations, then collect the travel fees from the bank one last time. Whoever has the most cash wins.

  23. Monopoly At Home Reality – How to play. The rules are the same as regular Monopoly except for these changes. For a refresher of those rules check out this video

  24. What you hear in TSG game tutorials:
    The rules are the same as regular _____, except for these changes
    Play proceeds clockwise

  25. I made a mistake with this one this is not at all interesting

  26. This game plays like Monopoly, except for these changes. For a refresher on the rules, watch a video here 👆

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