How to play Monopoly Ultimate Banking -

How to play Monopoly Ultimate Banking

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Learn the rules to the board game Monopoly Ultimate Banking quickly and concisely – This video has no distractions, just the rules.

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The object of the game is to have the most money when the first player goes bankrupt. This is a fast version of the monopoly game, and some rules are very different! First big change are the houses. You do not have to wait to own a color set. Every property you buy gets a house immediately. Put the house on the number one square in the space’s color band. This shows the rent level.

Every time someone lands on a space you own, not only do they pay you rent, but your rent then jumps one level. If you land on a space you own, your rent also jumps one. Move the house each time your rent jumps – or drops. There can only ever be one house per property.

The maximum rent level is 5, and rent cannot fall below level 1. Unless a property is being returned to the Bank to pay a debt, at which point it becomes an unowned property again and the rent level is reset. Every property has a Title Deed card that shows all five rent values.

If you lose track of your rent level (of where your house should be), you can check the rent level by tapping the Title Deed card to the unit. You must press the “X” button afterwards or the unit will think you want to buy it or pay rent. The unit will automatically revert back to the default screen after 10 seconds if you don’t press the “X” button.

There is no cash in the game. The Ultimate Banking unit does everything for you, quickly and easily. Bank cards let the unit keep track of your money & properties. Every card tapped plays a sound. If you haven’t heard a sound, the tap hasn’t registered.

Shuffle the Event cards then place them face down on the gameboard. Separate the Title Deed cards by color sets. Place the houses by the Title Deed cards. Give each player 1 token and its matching Bank card. Place all tokens on GO. Place the banking unit in the center of the game board. Turn it on by pressing any button. To start a new game press and hold the “X” button for about 5 seconds until the unit turns off, then press any button to start a new game. Each player taps their Bank card on the unit. When you are ready to play, press the “Check” button. $1500 will be automatically credited to your card.

To Tap cards, briefly lay the card flat, barcode-side down, onto the card reader. Ensure the card covers the card reader completely. You will hear a sound after each completed function. If you don’t hear a sound, try placing the card flat over the card reader again.

The youngest player goes first then play proceeds clockwise. On your turn: Roll both dice and move your token clockwise around the board that number of spaces. Then take an action based on where you land. If you roll doubles, then you get to take another turn. If you roll doubles 3 times in a row, then you go straight to jail and do not take a third turn.

When you land on a property that no one owns, you must buy it or auction it. To buy a property. Tap the Title Deed card then Tap your Bank card to buy it. The price for each property is listed on the board. The banking unit automatically deducts the cost from your balance and, ka-ching, it’s yours! Put a house on the space’s level 1 spot. Every time anyone lands on the space, rent will go up. Place the Title Deed card in front of you.

To auction a property, Tap the Title Deed card of the property you want to auction.
Tap the “M” button until the “auction” icon shows. Tap the “M” button and the auction starts. Any player may bid on the auction in multiples of 20 unless you are in jail, then you may not bid. To bid, press the “M” button. And say the amount out loud that you increase the bid to. The auction will end after a short period of time and the player who bid last wins and must tap their bank card to pay, then they collect the property and place 1 house on it on the board.
If no one wants the property then you press the “X” button to continue without anyone buying it. If the auction timer runs out before anyone bid then tab the title deed card and restart the auction…


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