How To Play Monopoly Ultimate Banking -

How To Play Monopoly Ultimate Banking

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A quick tutorial on how to play Monopoly Ultimate Banking. #boardgame #ads #ads
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  1. Don’t you have to make a first round before u able to buy?

  2. thanks for this it helped ,e learn how to use the banking thingy

  3. Do you know the meaning of " The summer marathon shut down the road? "

  4. What happens if you you roll and land in free parking?

  5. Question: if 4 player playing this game and one goes bankrup. In this situtation can the game continue if there is only 3 player? And if can how does it work? Thank you

  6. So if you own a color set of properties the rent level of all of those in the set jumps up by 2? Also if all the properties in color set are owned by different players and u land on one of the properties in that set the entire color set rent level jumps up by 1 as well? Please clarify

  7. Thxxxxx know i can play it o couldn’t play cus i didn’t know how buuuuut nooow i caan play🤪😅🎉

  8. can you go to free parking with the location thing?

  9. Paper money: I can't be replaced!

    Credit cards: cough cough

  10. Can you please tell me how to reset the after you are done playing

  11. Hi can you make a video on how to turn off the game monopoly

  12. How do you reset the atm thing.

    (Btw I have not seen the full video so maybe you have explained how to do it but I'm just not bothered to watch the full video)

  13. Well this is tooo advanced it is ideally for adults
    I stick to the normal monopoly

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  15. I've lost 3 of my cards can I have a favor of you making a printable title deeds of the backe

  16. Hey board museum guy you bought the wrong monopoly ultimate banking game the 1st property is old kent road not that which you have and all the properties are wrong named and the rest all are all good, so that is why you bought the wrong one😲😲😲

  17. Thanks! Now I can play!

  18. How can i sell the property when im out off money ?

  19. U didn’t tell me how to make players how bankrupt

  20. i actually lost the guide. THANK YOU FOR SAVING THE GAME NIGHT!

  21. Finally bought one!!! Thanks for this vid!

  22. What happens if you have to pay with your properties? Can you unmortgage or collect rent?

  23. Hi
    Wanted to ask something
    In between a game will the banking unit add my properties value in my balance

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