How To Play Monopoly Voice Banking by Hasbro -

How To Play Monopoly Voice Banking by Hasbro

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How to play the board game Monopoly Voice Banking from Hasbro.

Extra Notes:

-Free parking: Nothing happens
-If you give an opponent a property because you can’t afford to pay him or her, they do not get the houses and hotels with it.

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  1. I enjoyed the concept but it felt stilted when talking. I could do without the constant refrain of “monopoly dollars”. Feels like it’s slowing gameplay especially during auction. I just prefer maybe an electronic version that you can swap from board to board especially if you have US and UK based monopoly games or if you have themed versions like The Godfather or US Postal Stamps maybe an off brand like a city based or a state monopoly version that scans the board and dollar amounts per person and remembers say 3 different games

  2. What happen/to do if we decided to stop/pause the and home to continue the game later?

  3. You can trade a property from a complete set as long as there is no buildings on the property.

  4. For the building houses all it says is on don't have the set I don't know what to do

  5. Would like to see How to Play Cats vs Dogs.

  6. That is high tech in deed. Worth to try one day, amazing review.

  7. Where did you get this because i can't find it

  8. A cashless society is something we should dread

  9. Again, great review. I think though I still favor monopoly jackpot of all the latest game variants but this gameplay seems fun.

  10. I was hoping they would make a voice controlled game like this. Is it out now for people to get it?

  11. Are you on skype? That Way I can talk to you about it. Is it just at target or is it in Walmart too?

  12. I just checked target it said it was in stock.

  13. How is this good? It's lacking railroads, it's lacking cash, it's lacking half the board! Whats next? Monopoly MICRO? 4 Properties only?

  14. Hey man I've been gone awhile glad to be back hope your doing well

  15. I got it for Christmas and this video explained the game very detailed. Good job dude

  16. Excellent review. This however is a great coverage of why I will never personally buy this particular Monopoly game. The lack of additional properties is disappointing, having to push a button for every action seems excessive and it just overall has too many changes to be any fun in my opinion. I will say though that this would be a good game for kids… IF it wasn't for the fact that it deters from learning basic money/counting skills that are needed in life. Hence, not only would I not buy this particular game, but I would not recommend it to anyone either.

  17. I just got through a completed game today, when the banking unit sees a bankruptcy Mr Monopoly will get a little grumpy, tell you to give up the last card, he'll say you're bankrupt, count up the cash and declare a winner

  18. Love this game me and my wife just finished playing a few games very fun and intense game alot like it better than the cheaters edition

  19. If you go on a train ride and pass go you still get to collect it.

  20. at first i was confused, now i now how to play 🙂


    To me, Monopoly shouldn’t be excruciatingly long (i.e. an entire weekend) but it shouldn’t be short either. It’s an afternoon game, maybe an hour or so. So I don’t like how all these new boards try to simplify things and remove properties and such. It’s probably nitpicking since classic boards still exist, but it’s a shame that OG players have to miss out on the cool new additions (like cheaters edition)

  22. It's rigged though.. When you don't have enough money and you give a property.. the property that got given was not even nearly enough to pay for boardwalk.. How does that work?!

  23. Can anybody tell me?. When the monopoly voice banking will come in India?

  24. If i land on a trade space, is it a must for me to trade or can i just skip?

  25. How do you get out of jail with no cash and only one property left? I’ve tried asking to sell or mortgage but nothing. Say get out of jail with 0 and he just says not enough. I get the game would be over for some editions but if I can sell my property I would still be in.

  26. stop making so many versions for the love of asahi

  27. I am British will it understand me here in the US keeping in mind even ordering 'water' at a restaurant is a bloody chore to try and get most waitresses to understand the Queens English

  28. Everything are all simplified. They have lose each colour sets one property, they have skipped avenue and they don't have chance. There are only up to 4 players which it is bad. This is the restriction on voice over.

  29. Can you please make a video about ww2 monopoly and top gun monopoly?

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