How to play Ms Monopoly -

How to play Ms Monopoly

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Learn the rules to the board game Ms Monopoly quickly and concisely – This video has no distractions, just the rules. For a refresher of the original rules of Monopoly, check out this video:

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During setup, give each woman $1900 as follows: five 1s; one 5, 20, and 50; two 10s; and three 100s and 500s. Give each man $1500 as follows: five 1s; one 5, 20, and 50; two 10s and 500s; and four 100s. there are no properties. Instead they are called inventions. Whenever a woman lands on or passes go they collect $240 while men only collect $200.

Instead of houses and hotels there are only headquarters. You can build them on complete colored sets as indicated by its price on the card. You can build in-between any player’s turn. You may only have 1 headquarters per invention and you may not sell headquarters back to the bank. If multiple players want to purchase the final headquarters, then it is auctioned off, starting at $10 and increasing in increments at little as $10. When you trade an invention with another player, or sell it back to the bank, and it has a headquarters on it, the building remains where it is. It is okay to split a colored sets this way.

If you go bankrupt you are still eliminated from the game. The game ends when all the inventions have been purchased. Players collect rent from the bank for each invention they have then the player with the most cash wins.


  1. 👩🏾‍💼 this is Teresa if you subscribe to him she ages up how old is she

  2. I swear whenever I hear about these joke variants (Ms Monopoly, Monopoly for Sore Losers, Millennial Edition etc.), I think they are memes. But not only are they real, they are licensed Hasbro products. Absolute madlads.

  3. You know, the queen in chess is the actually the first game where women have an advantage

  4. Ah what better way to spend a weekend with my kids than promoting sexism!

  5. "Now women have better a better chance of beating men in monopoly."

  6. I remember my step dad’s sister got me this for Christmas 2020 and I have only played it like twice since then

  7. oh hey sexism: the game, i've been waiting for this

  8. We can talk all day about how idiotic and patronizing this "rebalancing" is but its also important to recognize that plenty of people exist outside of the gender binary. Writing game rules that suggest you can only be one or the other is frankly kind of icky.

  9. Step 1: Throw it in the trash
    Step 2: Smile knowing you didn’t play that garbage

  10. Achievement: Senior Monopoly
    Win as a boy with 3 other woman.

  11. "Any time someone calls attention to the breaking of gender roles, it ultimately undermines the concept of gender equality by implying that this is an exception and not the status quo." -Knuckles the Echidna

  12. LOL I like how the game was supposed to make men and women equal but then give the women more money LMAO nice one Hasbro really cool

  13. Ms monopoly aka the worst version of monopoly.

  14. I get it. So women need special help in order to do as well as men. Thats what monopoly is going for right?

  15. Since Ms. Monopoly has a go space on her shirt, what would happen if you pass her?

  16. And, as a result of these changes, no man (except those attempting to pander to women for sex) will play this version. Which proves that, if the "pay gap" exists, men are smarter than women.

  17. It's ok Bois. I wi identify as a woman for the sole duration of that game.

    Then immediately after I win I will go back to identify as a man.

    No player can object because they would be misogynistic, misandric and anti-semitic.

  18. when you fix a game that never had gender inequality


  20. Alternative title: Feminist Monopoly

  21. If i had this i would just give each the same amount because I'm NOT sexist like this game is

  22. In other words

    Monopoly: internet edition

  23. sigh Here we go…
    A variant of this game that I came up with:
    Give every player $1900.
    Whenever a player passes GO, they collect $240.
    You may sell headquarters back to the bank for half it's price.

  24. This game is sexist, why does it exist, you can't solve inequality with inequality

  25. Wait mr monopoly hasn't been made , this isn't FAIR.

  26. me and the boys be playin it like mtf monopoly

  27. So this is what women mean when they say they wanna be "equal"

  28. Can you do monopoly power puff girls please

  29. There better be a mr monopoly or I’m gonna do some bad, bad things.

  30. So we combat boogeyman patriarchy by creating an even more hostile women patriarchy? Bruh

  31. Great video, sadly the game does not make any sense in terms of equality, as other comments have explained.

  32. How to play Ms. Monopoly!

    The entire public: We won't.

    Game pulled from shelves. LOL

  33. I cannot imagine a remake of a game lazier than this

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