How to win at Monopoly #shorts -

How to win at Monopoly #shorts

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Playing games this spring break? Revisit an old favorite 😈

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  1. Also, if the property costs more than any of the other players’ money (and you have more) then auction to save money

  2. I won at monopoly earlier today but I'll watch amyway

  3. ACTUALLY, someone has done the calculation and the best property depends on the number of players. Orange is the best for 2, and you move right for every additional player.

  4. a friend of a friend once punched a guy to death cuz of monopoly

  5. Games that never played by the rules Monopoly and UNO cards
    Lol 🤣🤣

  6. Nah,in my experience blue and purple are the best spots because you land on them alot and can develop them early for very cheap

  7. Of you play by the rules the game gets slower the more pieces you lose

  8. Capitalism at to the finest point of harm

  9. Immediately says play by the rules and I go that's the one rule I don't use is the auction rule if somebody does want to buy the property or doesn't have the money the property just stays until somebody lands on it again

  10. Not expecting Min/Max strats for Monopoly in my Shorts tab but I'll take it.

  11. I thought everyone knew these things 😅 Also, the optimal number of houses is 3, nad the most probable number of the dice is 7, then 6 and 8, 9 and 5…

  12. A strange game. The only winning move is not to play.

  13. My wife took my kids over a game safe to I lost the game

  14. Did anyone else notice the satisfactory noise

  15. Another tip: try to buy 1 of each color. Then no one can buy houses as long as you never trade.

  16. Very on brand for Vox to teach people how to be ruthless capitalists in monopoly

  17. all those houses can backfire if you draw the card and red is far better for the price and reward along with the frequency

  18. Buy all the houses so no one else can have one

    This game is so realistic

  19. Hoard all of the houses, set traps for people who just get out of jail, force land to be sold at below market value through legal loopholes.

  20. The rules state that if the person that lands on an unowned property and refuses to/can't buy it, it must go to auction. In reality, no person on planet Earth plays like that.

  21. the true way to win monopoly is to not play 😀

  22. The real winner's move is to buy the entire row from GO to Jail. Everyone is guaranteed to land on on that row. After going past Boardwalk, and likely light in the pocket after coming from that last and most expensive row, you can hit a player for possibly 2 or 3 hits having the entire row. They have no money, and you keep them down with low payments. Then they hit the beginning of the really expensive stuff.

  23. Wait American monopoly has AMERICAN. CITIES????

  24. Wow you litteraly copied the Video from someone else

  25. I'll try this tips and tricks when I reconcile with my family, it's been almost 7 years since we have a meltdown

  26. I just remember board walk and park place. My Sister always won. My cousin always won when my Sister played her. I hated it.

  27. According to official rules, the bank never technically runs out of houses, if you run out your supposed to make standins.

  28. I hate the original rules since you need to have the full color set in order to build anything

  29. My best tactic is buy all the railroads. Unlike other properties your opponent will ALWAYS be within a possible roll to land on it. Even better to earn 200 per land you only need to invest 800. This is much better than any other property as you would have to invest much more to get this much

  30. Here is a tip for playing Monopoly: Play Carcassonne instead. It is a far more enjoyable game in every way possible.

  31. I wonder if anyone, ever played by the rules 100%

  32. After a KI played Monopoly millions of time, you failed to mention the biggest and most important step: be the first. The first player always had a gigantic leap in winrate. Monopoly is such a badly designed game that the first player nearly always wins. We are talking 70 to 80%. Everything else? Doesnt matter. And if i remember correctly, the warm colors are just average – the cheapest ones where the ones contested by the computer at all times. Everything else is just luck.

  33. If nobody buys properties even in auctions, nobody needs to pay any rent, and players will just keep accumulating allowances until the bank runs out of money. This is the secret winning strategy that Monopoly is trying to teach people about real life, but is unfortunately ignored.

  34. You win by not wast your time with such a bad game and make all other players feel bad. Everybody wins even.

  35. We've added more houses just to not let somebody buy all houses, that's kinda unfair.

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