How to win at Monopoly #shorts -

How to win at Monopoly #shorts

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Playing games this spring break? Revisit an old favorite 😈

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  1. I know its not related but can you Guys Cover whats going on in India?

  2. Go first. That’s the best strategy for success

  3. Middle school. During an ill-fated game with my family while we were on vacation, I received a lifetime ban from ever playing monopoly again. It was deserved. Things might have been said and pieces thrown. I've been a happier person since the ban. And now you're tempting me back. But I won't go back, I can't go back. I'm banned. For life.

  4. #0: be a business major and/or a sociopath (the two tend to correlate)

  5. And Don't use the Win money in Free Parking rule. It makes the game longer

  6. There's a fair few games with AI players that do the houses trick in the hardest setting, it's really mean but a very legit strategy 😂

  7. I'm sorry, in what world is "play by the rules" a "tip"? 🤨🙄

  8. Tip 1: Play a better boardgame

    Tip 2: When playing monopoly, don't

    Tip 3: Instead of using house rules, throw away the game and learn Catan Rules instead

  9. Or do my strategy: insist on Realism rules.

    One player starts owning all spaces aside from one colour (their choice), and starts with $5000 while all other players start with $500. If the designated player ever runs out of money they can take interest-free loans from the bank at no cost while the other players lose the game. Oh, and the chosen player gets to decide how much the other players get when they pass GO and how much they pay in rent when landing on their property. Also that player can't go to jail.

    Somehow no one wants to play it with me though :c

  10. Ever since I saw a video talking about the hoard houses strat, I've wanted to do it, but no game I've ever played gets to that point. The houses never get close to running out before someone gets an unlucky roll and has to sell some houses.

    And while orange is undeniably the best color, this fact means nobody ever trades to give someone else a monopoly of it, so in a way it becomes the worst color. I much prefer brown and blue because there's only 2 of each. Railroads are also great.

  11. If the player who lands on a spot refuse to buy and then the land goes to auction, does the said player who landed has the right to bid for the aforementioned land as well?

  12. The only winning move in monopoly is to never have a game of monopoly anywhere near you.

  13. If you didn't throw the board away, did you even play Monopoly?

  14. You can build hotels on New York avenue because a lot of people land there

  15. I don’t think anyone in my family has ever read the rules to monopoly lol we just play how it seems like u should

  16. I once played that game six hours with my family. We didn't notice 😅

    What was the longest you played it?

  17. No ones talking about park place and boardwalk?!? Wow

  18. I have an even better tip:
    Don’t play Monopoly. If you want to have a good time there’s a ton of better board games out there. In my opinion playing Monopoly is like eating French fries without potatoes.

  19. How to win at monopoly, step 1, discard monopoly

  20. My mom divorced my dad because when he won he said, "that's why you just ain't good enough." And my mom interacted him until she found out he had a side chick

  21. Dumbarse, 7+7=14, putting you on trafalgar

  22. Forced my friends to play by the rules once and they all complained until we actually finished the game in one sitting where most of them said they had never finished a game before lol

  23. If I have a monopoly and the money for the house, I don't care if it's Pennies. I'm getting house

  24. Thank you man, I can't wait to ruin my friendships.

  25. One time my friend took my 100 but like without reason but I didn't wanna seem rude so he just had a 100 extra

  26. Even better: inherit money from the last monopoly winner

  27. No I am going to keep cheating and gaslight about it

  28. the pink and orange have the most cheapest house so i bought it all…. i won

  29. Monopoly rules are straight trash and I will never play by them

  30. I have enough of a hard time maintaining friendships making up rules, thanks. I'm not about to become a stickler for some 100y/o boardgame.

  31. There is a reason no one plays by the rules.

    The game is kinda boring

  32. Also, if the property costs more than any of the other players’ money (and you have more) then auction to save money

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