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I made my own Monopoly (Communistopoly)

Ari Cagan
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Monopoly is the worlds favorite board game… so I decided to improve it.

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Special thanks to Max for helping with this video

I used Mrs. Monopoly because it was half the price of normal monopoly.

If you felt hurt by anything I said in this video and felt the need to comment… have fun in Siberia.

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I Made my own Monopoly and it’s IMPOSSIBLE to Play
I made my own version of Monopoly
Communist Monopoly


  1. F, those people who just played red monopoly for a joke, but there always a bastard who hate communism.

  2. Socialism is a singular private capitalist monopoly. All property belongs to a communist party leader, whose power is unlimited by any rule or regulation. Because he usually creates rules with a small group of business partners. Karl Marx's utopia is the most poison thing people ever met. It's looks scientific but based on resentment and ignorance. And ignorance is the most complicated fish in this dish. They are wrong about the worlds history, human nature, society and institutions. They behave like a cult and they build bloody cult, ready to shed blood of neighbors who don't accept their Good news. Stay away from socialism!

  3. We created a monopoly game too. It had complicated rules. We added a stock exchange, turn rewards, mafia members, police agent and very big game map on two boards. We added aviation to fly between boards. First we play during several weeks. We used a big bag for the game money. One day this game was torn by my friend's farther who said: "You are playing the capitalist game which created real capitalists in the USSR". In summer I created the light version of this game in Sochi. But all this stuff started by my friend who saw and understand this game during a visit of Arkhangelsk.

  4. in capitalism , people oppress people, in communism it’s the other way around 🙂

  5. In communism, the institution of private property has been destroyed, so there can be no monopolists there…

  6. Also add a Purge card, where every player except for the one who drew the Purge card is killed.

  7. Everyone: "Should we play monopol-" Nyet Nyet we play Commmunistopoly where everyone is equal comrade

  8. The concept is so silly I actually liked it

  9. our comrade lenin and stallin will be proud becouse of your creation

  10. Same nobody wants to play monopoly with me

  11. You doing capitalism in Monopoly this can NEVER be communism

  12. Comerade you made your own greatest board game- NO!- WE made OUR own greatest game 🙂


  14. Классно, а теперь давай на русском

  15. clue is better but communistopoly is a different game

  16. The greatest monopoly to play with Comrades doesn't exist.
    This video: You have been accused of anti socialist behavior

  17. Salut comrade Ari. Pls give me that game…

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