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I paid $5 dollars for a rip off monopoly game and it was actually good

Drew Durnil
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This game is called Rento and it might be more fun than the original monopoly board game. I’m still wondering why they valued certain countries more than others though… Artist Gets Rejected From Art School (1908 – colorized) .

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  1. Bad Idea No. #1: Playing a Chinese rip-off of Monopoly with your BOSS!

  2. This is actually a game made by Bulgaria but okay then. ITS NOT CHINA XD

  3. Rento is actually a free game. So, Drew lost money.

  4. I remember having a real life version of this board. If I remember boardwalk was Egypt and the very first tile is Malaysia (Idk why it was that way). I remember not knowing how to play it and doing what everyone does when they don't know the rules. Which is making our own rules.

  5. I played this with some mates on a bus once

  6. I actually played this like 1 year ago and I was surprised Drew didn’t already play it

  7. As a Finnish boi we are unhappy to have you. Just because you make entertaining videos doesn't mean we want trans paintbrushes here.

  8. they shoud have put belguim holland and luxembourg together

  9. Did he just say… who cares… about the UK??? I mean yeah we are pretty crap atm

  10. Drew Durnil i love youre videos they are awesome 😊 and greetings from Romania ❤🇹🇩❤🇺🇸❤

  11. Play this again, it's actually really nice to watch too

  12. This has to be one of Drew’s most awkward videos

  13. Play with your editors more it’s big fun

  14. Loved the video, more stuff with your editor's pls 🙂

  15. 2024 Olympics is in Paris, 2028 Olympics is in Los Angeles. I think you mean 2032 Olympics.

  16. Make more of these group videos, Frank in especial is hilarious

  17. Day 146 of asking Drew to start a Discord server

  18. You know that this game is for free in play store

  19. I've been playing this for a while and never paid for it 🤔

  20. United States Canada Mexico Panama Haiti Jamaica peru. Republic domican Cuba carribien Greenland el Salvador too

  21. Why does drew change his accent when talking to friends

  22. Drew you don't care about the uk?

  23. if anyone wants this game its called rento

  24. Rento is actually better than monopoly on steam… They need to make a GOOD remake of monopoly as the one on steam is pure trash.

  25. i saw that game on google play store and regretted playing the game goddammit

  26. Why is Qatar second?
    O I L I N T E N S I F I E S

  27. Wait, why does frank have to edit it, he didnt even lose xD.

  28. Any time something normal comes from China it's just something normal but if something bad comes from China now it's FROM CHINA

  29. Just saying, Rento is free on the AppStore

  30. When there are the baltic but not italy

  31. I don’t know what world they are living in but China is the worst place to be other than North Korea

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