i Played Giant Monopoly Game in Growtopia with PUNISHMENTS! OMG!! | GrowTopia - zigjogos.com

i Played Giant Monopoly Game in Growtopia with PUNISHMENTS! OMG!! | GrowTopia

MrSongo GT
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We played funniest Monopoly Game in growtopia, have fun!
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☑ Hello, welcome to my GrowTopia channel, have fun :3
☑ Music by @ikson
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  1. Growid:psalms88
    Thanks bro
    And sign there plss 🙂

  2. MrSongo : 35 divided by 2.
    Me : 17,5
    MrSongo : no.

  3. Growid:bedderz
    Hope I Win 🙂

  4. Oho songo it has 3 k u gotta do it with moddos

  5. "GrowID: nicholas908"
    "World: xnthl"
    "I hope I win"

  6. I started playing growtopia because of you i played just 2weeks and yesterday i stopped because of the scamers i uninstalled my growtopia if you can help me this is my grow id: groweinst98192

  7. I like this new board game i bought from amazon want to play it

  8. GrowID: jakayla123
    World: fklnm :>

    Thank You in advance if i win :>
    8:54 im gayyyyyyyy~~~~~
    Still watching ur vids Sir MrSongo
    Stay safe everyone

  9. Growid:wrathofdoom
    I hope i win pls

  10. "growid:Fahriizall"


    "I Hope I Win 🙂

  11. Growid:Bonetosky
    You are my big fans yo i like all your video 🙂 And And also i hope i win

  12. Growid . maipop
    world . dowte
    me winner ok go
    # i love you

  13. Abi bu video cok eglenceli Boyle güzel videolar icşn tesekkurler😍

  14. World:GVSB4
    Tesekkurler Affan abi

  15. "Growid:ncqlf"
    "ı hope win I NEED"

  16. World = wongjr
    Growid = oivio
    Hope i will win !

  17. "Grow Id : sukong"
    "World : pangetmooo"
    "Good Luck Everyone And Dont Forget Use Mask Every time :v"

  18. Mr songo can you pls come to r4mp4gef4rm and donate like one wl pls

  19. Growid:kingjhaysol
    Win pls…..

  20. Growid : Aregha8GT
    World : Koplarrr
    "I like your video, good luck Mrsongo"

  21. growid:lastjoy
    i hope i winnnnn!!!

  22. Hey MrSongo i watching this in 2021 years xd and i like this video also but need do for mods series or just pt3 or something 🙂

  23. What should i write to these 20 levels next time? Also did you like this monopoly game, we can make a series

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