I Played MONOPOLY And This Happened.. | Ft. Grian, Smallishbeans & GeminiTay - zigjogos.com

I Played MONOPOLY And This Happened.. | Ft. Grian, Smallishbeans & GeminiTay

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In this video I play monopoly with friends, it’s a best bits montage, I hope you guys enjoy it.

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  1. When he said hes good at monopoly and instantly get scammed

  2. I can see why Lizzy refuses to play Monopoly with Joel.

  3. This is unwatchable with the anoying subtitles

  4. A new video Jimmy playing with Grian

    Me: oh boy whats grian's excuse for being late this time.

  5. Hey did you know that monopoly as we know it was originally only one set of rules to a game with two ways of playing? The rules we know now were designed to show the flaws in capitalism, while the rules that have fallen out of knowledge were designed to show how support to the weak and poor can make everyone’s lives better.

  6. I love how all of the English people are laughing at Americans pronouncing words using the correct sounds for how they're spelled. Imagine thinking the correct way to say a word with a hard T in it (water) is to completely remove the T and have a space in the middle of the word. Are these the same people that think it's ever valid to completely substitute a TH in a word for an F? That crap drives me up the wall.

    (Relax, I know it's innocent teasing)

  7. My friend group had to have an honor rule to never do what Grian did because it's completely unfair and against the spirit of the game. He's definitely not the first person to think of that.

  8. Jimmy and Joel should be the next hermits in season 9

  9. I just saw the people he was with so this is my prediction the boys are honna be fighting and then gems gonna be the one trying to keep peace

  10. why are all these comments about grian lmao

    /gen /nm

  11. The reason American English drops the U in words that end in -OUR is we reverted back to the original Latin rather than using the French counterpart used in the UK and other English speaking countries. Similar to using -ISE or -IZE, -IZE is used when the word comes directly from Greek or Latin, like civilize, harmonize, while -ISE is used when the word originates from French. like merchandise, franchise, and enterprise

  12. Just like uno I'm surprised no one is cussing

  13. Grian just being Grian, turning up late after household chores, trimming hedges and more. What's next? 🤣

  14. “I’m gonna turn into a villain on Empires that’s it Joel that’s it. I’m burning down your mega base.”-Geminitay
    Me: She said it! We’re gonna see the Matral Palace(sorry if I misspelled it) in ashes!

  15. Grians story about how he broke his glasses is why you should WALK ON THE POOL DECK!

  16. The extra U in your spelling of colour and other words stands for "Unnecessary."

  17. In case nobody's said it yet… explanation on the "removing the U" thing: literally capitalism. Printing companies and such used to charge by the letter, so the Us were removed to save money and it just stuck.

  18. I’ve done what Grian did before and it’s so funny

  19. It is not monopoles it is monopoly dollars!

  20. You can't be "good" at Monopoly.
    Monopoly is almost entirely based on luck, even though it pretends otherwise.

  21. Funny thing is I spell “colour” and then everyone yells at me. Then I write my essay in Japanese and no one yells at me then.
    She who speaks the most languages has the most control
    ~ your freindly neighborhood catgirl, Enju}

  22. Omg 3/4 of them are on a mcc team my day has be made

  23. It would make it 1000% funnier if Grian's actual name is David.

  24. I like how they kept talking about empires… and grian was the only person there who just wasn’t on that server, shrugging it off. I would love to see more of these two groups mixing outside of 3rd/Last life because it’s so fun!

  25. Man david had it in the bag, HES THE MONEY MAN!


  27. Any good monopoly player knows that Mayfair isn't best but the light blue and orange are.

  28. The way he says aluminum makes me want to hurl my 250 dollar shoes into a vat of poo

  29. So the lack of letters in America was due to at one point the newspapers were charging per letter so people cut out to save money. Since people learn a lot of spelling from print these caused a change nationally in their English.

  30. 9:07 In the jungle you must wait, till the dice read 5 or 8

  31. Okay not to be rude but like the things you say with Joel and gem it's like if yall don't like the American letters

  32. “They take the U out of colour”
    Me, an American: What are you going on about?

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