I Played MONOPOLY And This Happened.. | Ft. Grian, Smallishbeans & GeminiTay - zigjogos.com

I Played MONOPOLY And This Happened.. | Ft. Grian, Smallishbeans & GeminiTay

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In this video I play monopoly with friends, it’s a best bits montage, I hope you guys enjoy it.

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  1. I'll come back…. I'll just drink a glass of wo,ah

    It's just a joke pls don't hurt me 🥺

  2. Oh it's a community chest take a chance, to jail had me laughing

  3. Spin the wheel next time to guess what chore is making grian be late

  4. After Grian was out it was just: "SHUT UP, JOEL!"

  5. The whole color vs colour ordeal comes from when newspaper printing presses charged by the letter so “unnecessary” letters were dropped

  6. Plot twist: Jimmy is just playing games with hermits so he'd get invited to Hermitcraft

  7. wait gem is Canadian if so I need to get in touch on where to meet

  8. The British version has British properties where as the US version has properties from Atlantic City. For example, Park Place instead of Mayfair.

  9. next time I want grian's excuse to be so obviously absurd it's poetic.

  10. Phone would you like to translate this aka when Jimmy replies
    Me sure

  11. Why does that start remind me of when Grian told his friend that he needs to replenish his warts?

  12. My mom and I once played a monopoly game for two days, a couple hours is rookie numbers

  13. They be dissing the browns, but that’s how I win XD

    Literally I got both browns and the other people laughed my enthusiasm off… it’s funny how many people hit it. Literally every time, someone hit it, and I kept building it up, and buying other properties. Ended up with a bunch of new streets, where people could go on my properties for free, in exchange for all their properties XD it wasn’t even supposed to happen, someone had landed on my brown right after I put a hotel, and then landed on something else of mine that was worth more, and couldn’t afford to pay XD
    And that happened every time someone didn’t have enough to pay me, they’d LITERALLY just hit my brown, and were a few dollars short XD

  14. grian – im trimming the hedges
    grian – im pairing up socks
    joel: im too good for him thats why hes scared

  15. i cant count the amount of friends i lost from monopoly

  16. I think you should have included scar to make him confused with the british version

  17. That was the shortest game of Monopoly I've ever seen

  18. you know sometimes i hate my mind 12:25 because the way gem said it was very… lewd

  19. As an American, I can safely say we think England is weird for their spellings and how they say aluminum, hahahaha

  20. Oh god, haven't watched this yet and I know this is going to be so chaotic. ALSO GRIAN, WHO PAIRS SOCKS?! Well, not me- but. pairing socks is a nightmare. you have to find every single pair.

  21. I only just started watching Solidarity after seeing him in Last Life, and honestly, as someone with auditory processing disorder these subtitles are a blessing 😭


  23. Color is not spelled with a u, it makes more sense without it.

  24. that was the world's shortest name of monopoly wow

  25. Joel has to pay the hospital me “This is America “

  26. Hey do you guys spell color with a U?

  27. Wah'dur. Makes as much sense as the English pronunciation 😅

  28. Him: “I’m the best monopoly player”
    Me: “umm, no”

  29. ouch… i'm American… I spell color with no u's. but it's not my fault… I was taught this way. blame the colonists that moved here a long time ago. u hurted my feelings.

  30. I got a bunch of comments looking for stream it's on YouTube

  31. i love how grian manages to do good things but it also is toxic. pairing socks, doing household chores, and then giving his friends nice things in a game just to screw over ONE PERSON. brilliant.

    I wonder if you'll ever try out tabletop simulator? It's a good way to access a LOT of usually in person card and board games!

  32. Its funny that both the americans(from personal experience) that both the americans, and the british make fun of the other pronuncian of aluminum.

  33. Timmy: Haha Grian, you’re bankrupt and have to give me all of your stuff!
    Grian: Uno reverse card

  34. The point is that there is no comeback system. The rich get richer and the poor get poorer cause that’s real capitalism, and Monopoly is literally based off of a game critiquing capitalism lol

  35. Just play the whole game rather than segments of people shouting at each other

  36. Is there anywhere I can watch the full stream?

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