I Played MONOPOLY And This Happened.. | Ft. Grian, Smallishbeans & GeminiTay - zigjogos.com

I Played MONOPOLY And This Happened.. | Ft. Grian, Smallishbeans & GeminiTay

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In this video I play monopoly with friends, it’s a best bits montage, I hope you guys enjoy it.

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Smallishbeans –
GeminiTay –
Grian –

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  1. At the start I literally said to myself that whoever plays the dog will win😂

  2. You know who would be really funny playing monopoly? Mumbo Jumbo 👨🏻

  3. Joel and Grian, should get William painter sunglasses. They are made of metal. They won't broke.


    He already killed Jimmy in Last Life – and this type of strategy when going bankrupt is unfair!

    I know they’re good because they’re friends but Grian can’t just give money to other and not Jimmy, that’s unfair and rude

  5. I am sooooo sorry about us Americans and how we spell COLOR!!!

  6. Jimmy I really want to see gem and you play phasmophobia

  7. Why did his hand on his heart speech sound so much like the "eye tracker all men" speech😂😂😂😂

  8. Love how Gem is threatening Joel when he has the biggest Mega base on the server..

    But then again Gem has dragons..

  9. Grian: You receive the following
    Grian: I receive one dollary doo

  10. Bet Grian wished he continued folding socks

  11. “There’s something about monopoly that brings out the worst in people”
    10 minutes later
    “You are the most toxic man I’ve ever met”

  12. Not me being called out by their English pronunciations

  13. Wait, I could have been saying aluminum with a much cooler pronunciation than "alooominum"

  14. Laylow vs float or floaty
    I'm taking notes on the brits!

  15. When gem says ‘pink is better than blue’ I once won with just light blue and I won by ALOT! It was amazing as my bro had green and dark blue. I put like a hotel on every blue then finished the game W a house on every light blue and every pink!!! ( I think all u guys are amazing btw)

  16. Honestly I’m from America and I didn’t even know that what Joel said was actually true I just always thought it was a typo or a funny way of saying it. My mind is blown🤯

  17. Grian just accepted the fact he lost and debated going back to doing chores

  18. Gem the scammer
    Grian the sock folder
    Solidarity the loser and
    Joel the man who wins


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  20. Subtitles: mayfare
    Actual spelling: Mayfair
    Best monopoly player for sure

  21. Joel: hello Jimmy

    Jimmy in a deep voice: Hello Joel

    Gem: hello
    Jimmy in a high voice: hiii

  22. i've been watching solidarity for a month now and i still have no clue whether his name is jimmy or timmy

  23. “I am the best monopoly player”
    My first thought: “Are you sure about that?”

  24. Idk why y’all are complaining, I had a very intense and rage inducing game of life and then after that I played a very nice, peaceful, and calming game of Monopoly…

    Also it’s not our fault you guys have unnecessary “U”s


  25. Well ….stop making fun of Americans
    English just ad oo and ah to everything and think its better

  26. Grian don't care if He loses, as long as Timmy doesn't win, Grian Laughs Maniacally as he did in 3rd Life and Wins anyway's

  27. Fun fact, i actually live on mayfair crescent. And one time when i was ordering dominoes the website screwed up and said my location was mayfair street which was on the otherside of the city.

  28. First words grain says to solidarity after killing him: “I’m done with my socks.”

  29. Grian is pairing up some socks

  30. Jimmy can you upload the vod? I didn't manage to watch the stream…

  31. I love how gem brings up empires and says she's burn Joel's mega base, and Joel says he'll fly to Canada and- 😂

  32. i just watch this to see their antics especially grian i dont even pay much attention to the game LOL

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