I WON the Jackpot at the GIANT Monopoly Arcade Game!! - zigjogos.com

I WON the Jackpot at the GIANT Monopoly Arcade Game!!

Arcade Warrior
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Today I’m back at the Clubhouse Fun Center arcade in Rochester NY, to play a brand new arcade game called Monopoly Roll n’ Go! This is a GIANT arcade game. Basically you spin the huge dice and win arcade tickets. There’s a lot of big ticket values, and cool spots to land on. It’s just like the classic board game! Let’s see how many tickets we can win, and see if we can win the big Boardwalk jackpot!



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I WON the Jackpot at the GIANT Monopoly Arcade Game!!


  1. smash that like button on the video or u will die

  2. Been looking forward to this all day! Happy Warrior Wednesday buuuu-ddy.

  3. I’m SO ready! Monopoly and arcades rolled into one! LET’S GOOOOOOOOOOOO🤘🏻

  4. Give me a shoutout in the next video

  5. Uh, Erik.
    I thought that Monopoly bonus is for 1,000 tickets.

  6. WHAT YOUR STILL POSTIN?!?! I stopped watching a few years ago and just seen thin on my recommended I’m gassed

  7. What a good new game to play, this might be the one you have not played yet for the channel, better do more videos on that arcade game because I want to see it!!!

  8. This game looks so fun! And also the music on this game reminds me of monsters inc. great video as always bro (:

  9. Do a video about the halo arcade machine

  10. The monopoly is one of my favorite games!!! 👏👏


  12. 💜𝑺𝒇𝒙 𝒈𝒉𝒐𝒔𝒕𝒚💜 #road to 800 says:

    Tater tot‘s are ready

  13. Hi Arcade Warrior, Great Wins On The GIANT Monopoly Arcade Game And A Jackpot As Well. Very Cool Game. I SMASHED THE LIKE BUTTON !!!!!! 😎👍👍

  14. I have not been watching the videos for 4 years I’m back

  15. I have never seen this type of Monopoly game, but I've seen the Monopoly board video game at the arcade. I wonder if this type of Monopoly arcade game coming to my local arcade.

  16. Great video like the rest of them this mafe my day better keep doing good my man

  17. I went to my local bowling which had an arcade there were a ticket claw I got the 500 ticket about 5 times my total ticket was 4356

  18. Bro I used to watch u four years ago then stoped then heard the sound tater tots are ready and came to watch u again lol

  19. That is one of the best arcade games you’ve ever played, I so want to play that game.

  20. Tater tots are ready never get old qustion did your mum make the tater tots sound?

  21. Your thumb nail is click bait there’s no paper tickets

  22. I remember watching since 10k subs on my first youtube acc and sending you packages on the mail Monday… 🙂 good days

  23. Great video Erik, Keep up your great work!

  24. I haven't seen u
    In ages how u doin still have the same intro

  25. That game looks like so much fun, I hope we get one here!

  26. I won over 500 tickets on this game:o

  27. Actually the ticket bonus is 2,000 is the most

  28. Imagine if they added a go to jail space n monopoly roll

  29. We just got that cab recently but it's in a faraway loc just a couple hours from us :/ looks fun tho!

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