Infinity Game Table by Arcade1Up - Gameplay Showcase - Monopoly Digital Board Game -

Infinity Game Table by Arcade1Up – Gameplay Showcase – Monopoly Digital Board Game

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Today we run through how to play Monopoly on the arcade1up infinity table! This Infinity Game Table was brought to us by Arcade1up Originally from Kickstarter!

**Information on Arcade1up Infinity Game Table**

Infinity Game Table Website:

Specs on this machine:

Display: Available in two size options — 24” and 32
Detachable Legs To Play as a Tabletop
Wifi and Internet Enabled
App Store to Purchase Games
Rumble/Haptic Feedback Motors
Dymanic Viewing While Playing Games

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  1. I made my own 32 inch touchscreen game table for $300. And you get more screen.

  2. Beautiful video ◕‿↼ I love it!!! Thank you so much (▰˘◡˘▰)

  3. Thank you for the detailed video! Can Monopoly be played single player? Can all the games be played single player?

  4. Is the frame rate really slow on the animations or is it just the video here?

  5. Nice job. Infinty Game Table seems like it is well equipped with games.

  6. Good job. Does anyone have any idea when the 32” models will ship? I was an early backer on KS.

  7. Does this have AI play or does it need multiple human players? Sorry if I missed it. Nice work doing these videos.

  8. First rate implementation! (Too bad it's Monopoly).

  9. RelaxTube - Relaxation and Soothing Corner says:

    Is this final hardware? Do you have any information if they put better hardware inside? It is so sluggish, it gives me a headache just to watch :/

  10. Who is credited for the software development?

  11. Are they going to sell these in the stores or online anywhere didnt know about the kickstarter till ces 2021 but it was to late i wonder if they will sell these at all.

  12. Nice review but I still prefer the real thing when it comes to boardgames. Something about that feeling when you're holding the cards and all. But still a great vid, thanks for making interesting content and keep up the good work. 👍🙌💯

  13. The game play is choppy. My assumption is that on the bigger table, the choppy game play will be worse. It just looks laggy. I also don't like the square monopoly board shrunk into a larger rectangle. I wonder if the company will make square tables for a version 2.0 run.

  14. I'm not planning on getting this, although I admit all the games seem well done. I am curious about how good the animation is. It looks fine but slightly choppy on the video. I assume that might just be because of the video but was curious about that.

  15. Will the system start to slow down over time!

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