INTENSE MONOPOLY GAME! Monopoly Plus on the Xbox One | Swiftor -

INTENSE MONOPOLY GAME! Monopoly Plus on the Xbox One | Swiftor

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DON’T READ THE COMMENTS TILL DONE WATCHING – SPOILERS! I don’t typically post Monopoly to the main channel – but this one was just INSANE. Whether I win or lose, it was a pretty ridiculous match – and I applaud all the players for some great deal making.

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INTENSE MONOPOLY GAME! Monopoly Plus on the Xbox One | Swiftor

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  1. Poker could have won if he mortgaged his houses on dark blue and the properties themselves. Then built hotels on his orange while everyone was in jail at the 52:00 minute mark.

  2. Why the hell did no one pick the dog. It is clearly the superior piece l.

  3. I live in Virginia and it is Virginia is for lovers

  4. The comeback is brilliant between a certain person who might have won
    If you want to get spoiled
    This is when the Comeback Happened

  5. What is your second channel. You also have a new subscriber

  6. That was a very good game, really intense with a crazy twist and lots of luck

  7. This game has a major glitch, how can you hide 500's under your thigh and shit!

  8. Can you use one controller from home for two ppl

  9. I don't know how to play it but I'll learn

  10. Well… i guess it was a decent fight 🙂

  11. the green properties are actually the least likely for someone to land on because since go to jail is right in front of green properties, it moves people to jail and all the way to the other side of the map, the dark blue properties are also very unlikely with only 2 spots for someone to land on BUT it is more likely then greens because the chance cards has a chance of sending you to board walk

  12. Swift is like an evil salesman… the sweet talk of a car salesman and the egotistical genius of eggman

  13. I crossed out the Go to Jail on our board I always hated when I was a kid, so on my 7 year olds board it says Get $100, Roll doubles on your next turn, Get 500!

  14. The two Brown are the least landed on properties, then Park Place

    Putting money under Free Parking ruins the game, that's why it took over two hours.

  15. Being a former naval officer gotta vote for the battleship since I'm making this comment at the start of the video hopefully wont be the first one knocked out either 😛


    This channel has gone to absolute shit and he gets less viewers as time passes

  17. Without the visual, it sounds like a golf tournament.

  18. I play this when I have no one to play with irl

  19. Spoiler Alert

    I am in the game and I WON

  20. 🚕🎀🎨👙👗👞🩱🥿💍📚📒

  21. 💰💸💴💵💶💷💳✉️🖊️🖋️💼🗂️📫📪

  22. Anybody know what rules is he using in the game?

  23. I’m more surprised the game hasn’t crashed on him like it does to me on 7 out of 10 games

  24. Hi I'm watching this and playing monoply on my Xbox one. I'm Kelsey but my screen name for my Xbox aka gamer tag is – Kelseyeliza

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