Is It Possible to Win Monopoly Without Building Any Houses? -Monopoly Challenge -

Is It Possible to Win Monopoly Without Building Any Houses? -Monopoly Challenge

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Welcome to the wonderful world of Monopoly, a board game I’m sure you’ve all played at least once in your lives. There’s plenty of content on YouTube, trying to teach you how to win at Monopoly, what strategies work the best. Today we’re doing something very different. We’re seeing if we can win Monopoly with one of the worst strategies you could possibly devise, a strategy wherein you don’t build any houses or hotels.

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  1. Hey I remember seeing the spiff play this…

  2. "I'll catch you in the next challenge." Aha, so you ARE doing a Pokémon Let's Go challenge!

  3. This would never work if playing with actual humans. It's amazing to know that the AI is that unintelligent.

  4. but can you beat it without trading (your opponents can't trade either)

  5. Hey, my name is actually Emilien, and as a french, i never heard my name in other language… and i was asking : Why do you say "she" for Emilien, when it's a boy name? Maybe it's an girl name in english? Idk, just asking ahah

  6. Things would definitely be much different if playing against real people, since computer players let you monopolize the whole board! Most people are hesitant to trade if it even gives you a single monopoly.

  7. Actually this sounds like a good strat to win in monopoly

  8. Monopoly is one of my favourite games because the longer and more boring a game is, the more likely everyone I'm playing with will just drop out, and I'll win by default.

  9. Next challenge: Can You Beat Monopoly Without Buying Any Properties?

  10. Unlikely, but yes.
    Your opponent is only ever allowed to land on lands you build and has to land on tax every time he moves over go

  11. I have never laughed so hard on one of your videos, that was insane… I've learned so much about the the computer players

  12. Yes some new high quality youtube shit. Thank you for all the interesting Challenges

  13. 2:38 "The plan is simple. Acquire a property of each colour. Monopolize the railroads. We don't have a step 3- We don't have a step 3."
    3:19 Waiwaiwait, the challenge is no houses? That's easy. I've played and survived games for hours without building on properties, this should be eas-
    13:38 Oh.

  14. That’s very sudden. And apparently a very good one too

  15. yeah, Monopoly/ (from the description) is my favorite board game…

  16. It's hilarious how bad the AI was when it came to your trade offers here. I know that in the NES version of Monopoly, the AI puts major value on completed color sets, and you'd have to pay several hundred bucks more than the value of a single property for the AI to be willing to break it up. Or, you'd have break up one of your own monopolies in the process, perhaps with a little bit of cash added in if your monopoly was of a weaker color group.

  17. This seems like torture. HOW BOUT A LITTLE MORE?

    IDEA: Try and win Monopoly under the same rules EXCEPT you get the cash from free parking. Don’t own any of the coloured properties (so railroads, waterworks and the other one I’m forgetting are still available)

  18. isn't it possible to play kirby star allies while using the ability choosing screen and playing the rest of the game without jumping, except "the other" jumps

  19. Another part in the "how to make boardgames no fun and extremely tedious" series

  20. Can you beat monopoly when everyones starting money is 0

  21. Ah yes, the "Homeless Jeff Bezos" run…

  22. You should try it with ai actually having a brain aka on hard

  23. You've heard of Fire Emblem 3 houses, but have you heard of Monopoly NO HOUSES?

  24. The next no Kirby jumping challenge should be Kirby and the forgotten land

  25. Hey Cmeecraft how fast can you get 1m points in mario maker by making your own level? What’s the best strategy/setup

  26. Win at Rock Paper Scissors with the same option

  27. Hey, there’s a brand new Kirby game coming out on switch on March 25: Kirby and the Forgotten Land: Kirby‘s very first 3D Platformer game! Thank you can beat it without jumping or using the custom mouth full mode?

  28. Still blows my mind that this game doesn't have an option for bots while playing online.

    There is bots available, but only for local/offline play.

    So if you have one friend you want to play with online, you have to 1v1 him, no bots to round out the player count.

    Absolutely moronic design decision, and I have no clue why they limited it.

  29. Is it loss to beat cubix robots for everyone showdown, by only using defensive attacks

  30. how about monopoly but you have to buy every property you land on? that could be interesting

  31. The real challenge: is it possible to win monopoly before everyone you’re playing with ragequits?

  32. What about Monopoly with not a single good chance or Community Chest card? That might be interesting.

  33. I've done this in real life, so I don't see why you can't do it here

  34. I would love to have 7 hours of Monopoli gameplay as background noise.

  35. How come we got a monopoly challenge before a jumpless challenge for Heroes in Another Dimension

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