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Jimmy Gives Shailene Woodley a Monopoly Game Hack

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
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Shailene Woodley learns a convenient Monopoly hack from Jimmy when she admits she’s a “gameaholic,” and they obsess over the attention to details in Big Little Lies Season 2, down to the set direction.

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Jimmy Gives Shailene Woodley a Monopoly Game Hack



  1. Omg😮😮🤗I really love Shailene Woodley.. I love the way she laughs and what I love her mostly is her personality..😊😍she is genuine and beautiful in and out..😍

  2. Jimmy looks good and sound very genuine here. What's up, jimbo?

  3. Is jimmy getting too old or why is he getting soo down ? 😦

  4. Jimmy needs to play NHL 94 already hes had every retro game but that lol

  5. What? Jimmys ex girlfriend isn’t on the cast of Big Little lies. He didn’t date shailene, Reese, Nicole, Laura, or Zoe kravitz.. and how the hell is someone on here accusing Jimmy of taking cocaine? Come on, seriously? He doesn’t do cocaine!

  6. Anything with her in it has me clicking hella fast

  7. I think he's on meds witch is causing him to gain weight rapidly. The stubble is to shade the line of this face and neck against the dark back drop to hide it.

  8. was this after the Hot Ones bit? cuz Jimmy looks like he's been through hell

  9. So they bleep the 'hole" part of 'asshole'? Not the 'ass'? Odd

  10. They did her dirty with that contour like damn

  11. Great interview, the way you were speaking with her was extremely genuine, as well as enthusiastic towards everything she was saying, which show how much you listen and care for all your guests ( btw shailene seems like such a down to earth, chill, and optimistic person👑)

  12. Poor Shailene has the puffiest jowls in hollywood… is she bulimic?

  13. I play Monopoly by merging with other players or buying them out, nothing says you can't do it in the rule book. Works Everytime

  14. james an interview is for asking questions not for throwing a long line of compliments so the guest cant even speak

  15. She's my reason becoming a lesbian and knowing that who I am is the way I can survive and feel alive!I tattooed her on my arm a week ago and i can honestly say"thank you for being that light to me girl!" <3


  17. I used to play Monopoly quite a bit with my family and it doe's take a little longer the more players you have. I was more of a Yahtzee person myself because it's harder to rig the dice and I thought it was more of a fair game.

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