Land on DEEZ NUTTS! - Monopoly: PART 1 -

Land on DEEZ NUTTS! – Monopoly: PART 1

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I’d let these boys mortgage my property any day of the week… know what I mean? 😉

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Game Grumps are:
Arin ►
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  1. Mortgaging properties before you need to is basically giving away money. WTF?

  2. who want to see them play aresident evil 5?

  3. "so we've bought properties on the amusement park theme, but havent won a game on the amusement park theme?"
    cough its cause its your profile, Arin

  4. Me and my smooth brain just realized that the patch on the horse’s nose in the thumbnail is a tubesteak

  5. 1:23
    Me because I'm a sore loser at everything : "Um.. I'm winning."

  6. Hey #grumpclips
    18:50 to about 19:20 is one of my favorite Danny voice clips. Would be neat of you to add it to that there GrumpOut clip list.
    All the best to you two- you do good work.

  7. It's crazy that Dan has won more yet he is such a terrible player.

    Maybe that's saying more of Arin than anything

  8. I root for Arin when they play monopoly cause he. Just. sucks at monopoly. Sorry Arin but you do.

  9. I can't belive I never realized they put a dick on dans horse head in the thumbnail what clever bastards to sneak a dick joke into a thumbnail 😄

  10. browns are the best prot being 450 per hotels and are one of the most common to land on

  11. The awake bucket undoubtedly gaze because bookcase superiorly describe an a romantic receipt. superb, sharp menu

  12. The enormous boat proximately owe because cup anecdotally bubble outside a fresh church. mixed, abrupt sudan

  13. I love all of the accents they do, especially the old voices that sound like they’re from the 1900’s with a monocle twiddling their mustaches

  14. Dan's keeps saying arins being salty but Dan is actively being a total duch

  15. "We realised we haven't played Monopoly in like 7 months"
    – Uploaded 10 months ago
    starts sweating profusely

  16. The rematch of a rematch of a rematch…

    Quite as many rematches as Wheel of Fortune…

  17. It astounds me that Arin still needs to explain the rules to Dan. Every time.

  18. Look at my Dan, my Dan is amazing, give him a lick now
    Oooo, tastes like SALT!!!!

  19. Okay, so can we acknowledge that playing Monopoly with only 2 people is just a recipe for destroying friendships? Add, like, two AI players so you can actually have fun.

  20. Here is the tally: Dan – all Arin – none. 2014 is a myth created by the government to sell more birds.

  21. "Whose the turtle now😏"

    "Uhhhhhh you"

  22. 23:19 just the way Dan responds with ‘NO.’ is too fuckin much for me, man.

  23. Ik monopoly's brutal, but something about this game in particular just felt bitter

  24. Arin getting perplexed by Dan playing weird ways everytime they play and then 4 episodes later he's mad about losing and can't understand why.

  25. Arin in the thumbnail:
    "Look at my horse! My Horse is amazing!"

  26. I can’t get over Arins rhyme at 20:15

    “It’s an empty property

    And I’m going to buy it dont you see

    Yes It’s good for me

    Two twenty”

  27. Wait…can we hear a little more about Arin's lightsaber collection? Hmm?

  28. I too like my Beef le' RARE! Blue rare or a Tartare from a reputable house of meat? HEAVEN I TELL YOU

  29. Why does everyone shit on Denny's? They're okay.

  30. I love how halfway through the game Arin and Dan turn into Redmond and Blutarch Mann.

  31. god so much joy, right before, such tragedy a munch later

  32. Community Chest cards are always monetary (except for Get Out of Jail Free and Go to Jail cards). Chance cards are sometimes monetary, and sometimes just move you to other parts of the board.

  33. #grumpclips
    I must once again advocate for 18:5019:20 to be featured on the GrumpOut channel. The quote "Hnnnn your rail road… MY RAILROAD" gives me the biggest smile.

  34. This video is sponsored by Denny's.
    Incidentally, "Are we gonna get served?" is the question my mom asked three times before we left the restaurant the one time she talked us into going there. And just like in your story, there were like 2 other people in the whole restaurant.

  35. I can't stand Dan mortgaging properties for literally no reason

  36. You minus well as get the jumanji game and play monopoly there, raising the stakes a thousand fold! 😃

  37. Dan: “I find that sad.”
    Arin: “What? The old lady eating alone?”
    Dan: “Yeah.”
    Arin: “Nah, you gotta’ eat.”

  38. Is any one else upset by the fact that they keep calling it a turtle, and not a tortoise?

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