Last To Leave Monopoly Wins - Family Game Night! I The Williams -

Last To Leave Monopoly Wins – Family Game Night! I The Williams

The Williams
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Last To Leave Monopoly Wins – Family Game Night!
Thanks Hasbro for giving us this game to play for FREE!

We love traveling, exploring the world together as a family and going on exciting adventurers as we travel experience this crazy exciting world together!

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David and Katie have four wonderful adventurous children who love trying new things as much as they do.
Audrey is 20 and a student BYU. She is adventurous and loves her time off school so she can explore new places.
Jordan is 17 and excited to finish high school. She loves to travel and also loves children and animals.
Jake is a sweet and thoughtful 14 year old who would do anything for anyone. He is always looking out for others and trying to find ways to make them happy. He is also really good at math and figuring out how things work.
Ty is our fun loving blonde 10 year old. Ty is adventurous and outgoing. He loves anything active that gets him moving and doing new things.

Besides sharing our travels with you here, you will also find family vlogs of our lives as we experience the ups and downs of life, new opportunities to explore and the everyday things that we do as a family because we love to look back at all the things we did together. We hope you enjoy them as well.

For more videos check out our family channels where we create a variety of fun videos for the entire family to enjoy.
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-The Williams


  1. David cheeded!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. cheaters edition is the best!

  3. You should play trivial pursuit it’s my fav game but it can be on Nintendo switch or it is a board game and it also is a game on Xbox and ps4

  4. I love everyone I wish I would come to your house ❤️💞💕💖💘💝💓💕😘❤️😍🥰🥺 xoxoxo

  5. Jordan secret password is……… big bunny Gucci boy.

  6. really entertaining video😂 have a question: where did you buy it?

  7. I loved this video you should do more of these videos

  8. This is awesome!!! I am a firm believer every family should have a Monopoly Game night!!! This was so much fun to watch!!!

  9. The Longes monopoly ever I Will not play that he take his yellow

  10. you guys should kind of combine all the monopoly games to make it longer! i love your videos btw

  11. Big bunny Gucci boy???? I love it my new name by Jo 😂😂

  12. I have not watched all the video yet but i think jake or ty will win
    Edit:ty won

  13. can you guys play the fastest monopoly

  14. I live your video's😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  15. I love it 😍🤩😍💗😻💝🤩🎆🥰🥰💕💖😻 so much I have monopoly longest game ever

  16. I like the dark blue one bc they are rich

  17. Jordan has school at an earlier time, jake and ty go later ;-; ofc she has to go

  18. Scram is my favorite game

  19. i love when David toke 500$ but then got out.

  20. According to the rules of that game if you go bankrupt you are not out

  21. My favorite game is Uno because it fun to play.

  22. My fav game is pictineray you should play it

  23. I got monopoly for Christmas and it is unicorn vs. lama

  24. If I won I would go to Hawaiian falls If you don’t know what that Is it’s in Texas

  25. The only reason I win Monopoly is because I last the longest!

  26. the first one out isnt out she couldve morgaged something

  27. You realize you can sell your properties to the other player/s if you don’t have enough money to pay them

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