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Let’s Play COSMIC ENCOUNTER | Board Game Club

No Rolls Barred
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Holy heckins!! It’s a brand new era for No Rolls Barred, as we bring you the first in-person episode of Board Game Club! What better way to celebrate than with Adam’s favourite board game… Cosmic Encounter

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  1. This was so great! Sully divorcing Adam immediately was hilarious and love the little chat pieces between rounds

  2. I have watched Sully divorce Adam so many times. It may be my favorite moment of all time on this channel.

  3. Please play Smash Up soon! Love that game and so does Laurie. Also about to start my 3rd full watch through of this… I may have a problem…. I kind of want a Monthly Cosmic game like Blood on the clocktower. Please?

  4. Probably one of the best and more entertaining videos I have ever seen. Surprising marriages and divorces, Adam self distructing and Tom giving an extraordinary performance. I can't wait for the next episode and I will buy this game for sure as soon as possible

  5. The amoeba and parasites are pretty offensive, zombies and tick tocks are defensive, and magician is strategic. The Bride seems like the best in bursts, but becomes worse over a long game. Tick Tick prevents the game from getting that late, so Sully was actually really strong.

    I am kinda shocked Laurie managed to eek out a wind after that disastrous turn where the majority of his ships were destroyed, but Sully just played well and pulled it off.

  6. There's a Part of me that wants the Intro to be the same, except we see the Cast of Board Game Club doing different things around Draughts,
    (Having a Drink, Playing D&D, Telling Stories, Awkwardly Getting out of the Bathroom, Looking through the Game Collection…ETC.) before (Probably Adam) directs you towards the stairs and that leads to the Board Game Club Room and the Logo.

  7. this was such a good episode!! everyone was great, especially sully and tom! hope to see this game again

  8. I love this game, played the other day with friends, and it's bonkers every time.

  9. Utterly fabulous. Although it’s pretty “wild west” with the alliances.

  10. I see Dream Crush in the background, would love to see a BGC with that

  11. I've been watching your online sessions since you started, and loving them. This was so good that I've rewatched it 5 times. Thanks for all the quality entertainment.!

  12. This video was amazing, thanks guys, keep em coming 🙂

  13. Does that intro/outro music remind anyone else of the title music to Gremlins Inc.?? Cracking game, i thought it was over halfway through and was ready for another game!!! Boy does that swing so many times!!

  14. Triumph, defeat, heartbreak, betrayal and the looming heat death of the cosmos… this game truly has it all.

  15. Hey NRB. Was this a successful video? *plink*.

  16. Guys. If this is how BGC is going to be from now on… f*** it, I'm in all the way, this was brilliant.

  17. How perfect is it that Tom was the Tick Tock. Too good

  18. That was a phenomenal game! Loved watching every second of that! So keen for live board game club!

  19. Sully gets stick for been lucky, but he played this game beautifully.

  20. I love this new format with the one person interviews in between. It makes it feel like an actual great reality show and I'm not a reality TV or even a TV kind of person. Also, Brooke better watch her back with Sully 😂😂

  21. Great video, really enjoyed this type of content. I really hope you guys do more!

  22. This was great! Thanks all! Sullivan’s character had me crying haha

  23. Tom remembering all the rules of his species really just drives in the knife of the knowledge that I've played four standard tiefling characters and never once used Hellish Rebuke.

  24. Of course a brit loves a game where the person with the most colonies wins. Typical.

  25. New intro is super slick! Congrats doods

  26. This. Was. Awesome!

  27. Thought the raves were already known by all at start of games. But I assume you playing a varient for the suprise efect

  28. Also the idea of side but at the end of each little battle was cool. I also want a book published for these glorious battles eg little image of 34 ships saying down to kisstopia and a tiny white flag

  29. This is the best board game club ever. I never thought you guys would outdo saboteur!

  30. Zombie: I cannot die
    Bride: I marry you
    Zombie: Oh, yeah? Well, 'til death do us pa- oh, BOLLOCKS!

  31. I went to high school with girls who play their life like Sully.

  32. Sully as the blushing bride and Tom as the Tick-Tock. You won't get more perfect aliens the next time you guys play this.

  33. Support No Rolls Barred! Give 'em a subscribe and Get on Board!

  34. When Adam said "I like Blair, that's mean"

  35. i have had a massive board game shaped void since Geek & Sundy stopped making TableTop! i've had to rewatch old vidoes many times but this was brilliant and has the potential to be a fantastic long lasting series. Well done Adam & gang <3

  36. I love the editing on this one, I was worried that it would become harder to follow the game when it's no longer a screen set up but the camera perspectives and graphics are great! And the talking heads are a nice touch as well. Good job!

  37. I literally spit out my food laughing at 1:07:30. Incredible game, BGC is even better in person!

  38. I thought "Deals" officially only happen when main players play Negotiate cards. So Jon couldn't just choose to save people's ships any time as the Zombie..

  39. What song is being used for the new intro??

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