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Let’s Play GREEN TEAM WINS | Board Game Club

No Rolls Barred
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  1. The next House Rules should involve eating messy food without hands.

  2. Whoa is indeed the correct spelling… And it does indeed feel weird!

  3. Didn't write finger because he's allergic to points? pointer finger? eh? eh?

  4. God, Maanuv's just so motherfucking cool…

  5. I don’t know who that Maanuv guy is… but damn was he cool.

  6. The amount of times I immediate had the same thought as Manuuv and he was alone in his answer is, disturbing.

  7. …….I got 5 points game 1
    8 points game 2

    Gods dammit

  8. Wooh is not an accurate spelling of Whoa, wooh is like the first part of whoop

  9. I feel like Adam's "House Rule" should have been a rule of the game to begin with.

  10. I love games like this because you can play along and do your own scoring regardless of the team scoring on screen

  11. The 100 Acre Woods question – um Eeyore would 100% be bringing the most to a relationship. The most baggage. 😂

  12. Okay well granted it may have been a bit topical for two people to say Charles, but really no one said King Kong?

  13. Next convention I go to, I'm suggesting bobbing for bolognese as an event.

  14. Worth pointing out the first lightbulb invented that is still on is about as bright as a candle.

  15. On the lightbulb thing. It was installed in 1901 and is known as the centennial bulb. It has run almost continuously since then. It has dimmed significantly over the last century. It is also true that lightbulbs were one of the first products with planned obsolescence. This all said, the centennial bulb is an anomaly rather than something that can realistically be designed.

  16. after "fucker" for "mother __" i was surprised that nobody answered "some" for the next prompt ("three __")

  17. I've watched a few of this channel's other videos but this one is by far the most chaotically british I've seen yet

  18. ADMIRED for courage or CELEBRATED for imagination. I think they missed that part. The question changes if it were admired or celebrated for both.

  19. I'd hate to be in the same room as Dom for that long.

  20. Is this game discontinued? Can't find it anywhere

  21. Ooh this will be an exciting episode. I wonder which team will win?

  22. Personally, I’m on the never have to eat train. I enjoy eating, I enjoy food, but what I don’t enjoy is A) needing to eat to live is a huge money sink, and B) I want to eat when I wanna eat, not when my body decides it wants or doesn’t want to eat.

  23. The single most british thing you people have ever done is to get the "King" prompt and not have a single person write "Kong"

  24. Dom’s and Sully’s pasta rants made this episode for me 😂 fabulous

  25. I cant believe only one said fucker on the mother part. I felt like almost all wouldve said so LOL

  26. Alternative final scoring fix: no one reveals their score until the end of the game and whoever is in the majority of matching points is the winning team. If no one has matching scores, whoever scored the most points wins.

  27. 16:10 For King my immediate thought was "King crab" but then I thought "King Kong" would be way more popular. When I saw that neither of those answers were on the board I felt silly but maybe its a british thing? (I am American lol)

  28. What is imagination worth if you have no courage?

  29. “The Sullivan” sounds like a great sandwich.

  30. did.. did Adam just cheat at 52:33 and give himself points even though he was the only one to say music?

  31. Banana – a berry
    blueberry – a berry
    strawberry – a false fruit

    But the clincher here is that all berries (and false fruits etc) are fruits.

  32. Me and Adam had the same answers for basically everything hahaha

  33. My favorite parts of any NRB video is whenever Dom looks off into the middle distance for 10 seconds as he thinks up a rebuttal to the roast he just got served.

  34. I was sure everyone was going to say King Kong

  35. Dom is actually the one that I enjoy seeing most on screen…

  36. Feel like this game could cause some problems in certain areas of Ireland…

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