Make Your Own Custom Monopoly Tutorial | Kira Goode -

Make Your Own Custom Monopoly Tutorial | Kira Goode

Kira Goode
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A quick tutorial on how you can build your own custom monopoly! All the materials, measurements, and information you need to get started!

Blank Monopoly Digital Template: No Longer Available

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  1. Me who only want to play not want to make custom theme

  2. Do you mind helping me find the sticker paper to stick the game on the board?

  3. What thinckness is the card board? Mine keeps flopping… :((

  4. In instagram when you color the board there are like some kinda mold on the board , how did you do that?

  5. Thanks a lot for the board measurement details

  6. I have to disagree. Best way to project cards is MS Exel or google sheets. Way more easier to build ant later to print it out.

  7. Next time please put the board size card size inches on the discrimination..

  8. Please do a tutorial on the cards and money please

  9. Where did you find the blank property cards?

  10. How many chance cards do I make, and how many other cards are there??

  11. Gonna defiantly make my own thanks for the helpful video

  12. The big bord that you have got how do you cut it because I have got some to make one

  13. Hi can you post your Etsy shop link for the monopoly in the comments please

  14. Quick question! How did you transfer your cards to a powerpoint? I used canva and when I copy and paste it, it just inserts a link :(.

  15. Can you create the cards for monopoly without procreate as I don’t have much money to buy the app xx

  16. I just bought the A1 paper started drawing it and I did the corners 3inches😂😭😂😭😭😭

  17. This is so useful I have to make a Harry Potter one for my English class!!!

  18. I've been wanting to play a London street name Monopoly for ages. Now I can make my own!
    Thanks Kira!!!

  19. I remember watching you make this and would be so excited for every step of the monopoly every day, I really think I'm going to make one very similar to yours! You're very talented i have to say!

  20. i love this!! I'm excited to make this for my self! ly xx

  21. You can find how many you need of each bill its 30 of each

  22. this is very helpful. thanks ! do u create the cards at the right size on procreate ? because when i’m trying to draw on a small ‘canvas’ it’s a lot more pixelated …

  23. How did you get the images ( money, chance card etc ) from procreate and printed? Did you use PowerPoint? Can you give a tutorial?! I’ve been trying for two hours and can’t get them all the right size.

  24. How much did it cost to make everything xx

  25. What are the chance and community chest cards made of x

  26. Can you make it with a normal play board and then turn it to a special one or do you neeed that paper thing ?😅

  27. I really wanna do this i watch your tiktoks and you are amazing you carry on being you girl BTW my tiktok is @Pigeon3311

  28. Soo easy to make and will be good for a lifetime of fun playing 👍

  29. Yasss! I finally found your video saw you on Instagram and ugh fell in love 😍! Thank you

  30. What font is used for the property cards and chance and community x

  31. Hi I don’t know if you reply but is mount board the same a foam board and if it’s not can you send me a link to buy it online thanks have a nice day xx

  32. The link isn't in the description anymore 🙁 i need sizes for the cards

  33. When you do your next board can you do like a step by step or show us how you use procreate and how you come up with ideas for a the chance cards. I know I am asking for a lot but what paint do you use? Thanks!! Your amazing

  34. how big are the top colour boxes on the properties? xx

  35. I was wondering if there myb was another app other than Procreate I could use to make the templates since Procreate is only for iPads which I don't have

  36. hi, this video is very inspirsational and i want to try to make a monopoly myslef. i am just having struggles to find a board so pls could you link where you could find this board

  37. I'm making one but it's hard cause I don't have a printer so I have to go to the library

  38. Ich versteh fast nichts …weiß jemand wie man das auf so eine Karte druckt?

  39. What's a good substitute for the board? I can't seem to find a mount board here in Canada.

  40. What can be used as an alternative to the mountboard?

  41. I'm starting to make my own monopoly board but I think I overestimated how much extra green paint I needed 😅

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