Make Your Own Opoly Board Game Review! DIY Monopoly Opoly | Board Game Night -

Make Your Own Opoly Board Game Review! DIY Monopoly Opoly | Board Game Night

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We review the Make Your Own Opoly board game for a DIY monopoly/opoly game.
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  1. Does anyone know where I can find a copy of the instructions, the how to play the game, instructions that you could access in the CD? I seem to have lost my instructions and can’t print another.

  2. I got this for $1 at a gameshop and it defs will take a lot of time to get running, but seems fun. My disk also came loose and filthy in the box

  3. Cool I will try to get it

  4. I’ve got this game and im so confused.. what does the lottery spaces mean when you land on them?!

  5. Hi just got this with the OPOLY How did u get the writing off the board

  6. I have the game, but lost the disc, and it’s nowhere to be found. Do you guys still have yours? Could I have it if you’re not using it anymore?

  7. How i can i make my board without a disc i got mine today it came with everything but dics i got it at a flea market.

  8. Hi I'm Seth and I'm making a superhero smash bros like fighting game called xenomon along with the trading figure game battlemon along with the pokemon clone dreamon

  9. With Photoshop elements or better yet illustrator you can get this going without the set. Considering that the board is thin masonite "hardboard" and you can have a print shop like "Kinkos" print out on the material using higher quality then possible at home. The game pieces can be 3D printed of any theme your after.

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